Valentine’s Day Craft: How To Make a Centerpiece

DIY Valentine's Day centerpieces

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide and enjoyed by children, adults, family, and friends. It’s the time you spend pampering that special someone, and even your family. Hopefully, you get pampered too! But if you’re making a special dinner for your sweetie or loved ones, why not make Valentine’s Day centerpieces for your dining table? They’ll add something special, and the ones you love will appreciate the time and effort you put into creating them. Let’s get started on our Valentine’s Day craft!

How To Make a Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

What’s better than one Valentine’s Day centerpiece craft? Two centerpiece crafts! We’re showing you how to make a heart vase centerpiece and LOVE glitter votive centerpiece. Make one or both of them!

Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart Vase Centerpiece

DIY Valentine's Day heart centerpiece supplies

Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart Vase Centerpiece Supplies

  • Artificial or real flowers
  • One large bag of candy conversation hearts
  • Two glasses vases (sized so that one fits inside of the other)

Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart Vase Centerpiece Directions

  1. Place the smaller vase inside the larger one and fill the space between the vases with heart candy.
  2. Cut the flowers short enough so that the tops of the flowers are just above the vase. Insert the flowers into the smaller, interior vase. Voilà! You have a complete Valentine’s Day heart vase centerpiece.

Valentine’s Day LOVE Glitter Votive Centerpiece

DIY Valentine's Day candle centerpiece supplies

Valentine’s Day Craft: LOVE Glitter Votive Centerpiece Supplies

  • Acrylic paint (We used white, pink and purple.)
  • 2″ thick painter’s tape
  • L, O, V, E foam letters (smaller than 2″ to fit on painter’s tape)
  • 4 glitter colors
  • 4 glass votive holders

Valentine’s Day Craft: LOVE Glitter Votive Centerpiece Directions

  1. Use the L foam letter as a stencil and trace the letter onto the painter’s tape. Cut out the letter and place it on the glass votive.
  2. Next, paint the votive holder covering the letter; we started with white paint. Let the paint partially dry and remove the taped letter. The edges of the letter may not be perfect, but that’s ok. Let the paint dry completely.
  3. Finally, when the paint is dry, apply the Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue on top of the paint. While the Mod Podge is still wet sprinkle the glitter onto it. We used white glitter to match the white paint. It works well to apply the glitter over a paper plate and then pour the excess glitter back into its container.

Repeat these steps using the remaining letters and votive holders and varying the paint and glitter colors. Place votive candles in the holders and light them for a lovely Valentine’s Day centerpiece.

A Valentine’s Day Centerpiece Craft from the Heart

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Enjoying a Valentine’s Day meal requires a cool centerpiece that will create a loved-filled atmosphere to let that special someone or your family know how much you love them. This is why homemade Valentine’s Day decorations are the best! They can be simple and easy, yet so sweet. Plus, you’ll have Valentine’s Day decorations for your home that you can use year after year.

We hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day, one that’s filled with love and laughter to last throughout the year! And, we’d loved to see your centerpiece. Share it with us on Pinterest!

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