Chill Out! Use a Wine Cooler to Store Wine at Home

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“Aging like a fine wine” — while we’ve all heard the saying, wine really only gets better with age when it’s properly stored. Not all wines are meant to be stored long term either. But whether it’s red, white or rose or the bottle is corked or open, you must know how to properly store it to preserve its quality. Aside from a wine cellar, the best storage method is using a wine cooler. 

How to Properly Use a Wine Cooler to Store Wine

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Most people assume wine coolers are only for white wines or roses, but that’s not true! Store red wines in them as well to keep their quality and/or enhance their flavor profile. We have plenty of tips for chilling your wine at home in a wine cooler.

Stay Cool and Consistent

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Wine likes consistency. Keep the temperature of your wine cooler at 55 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal storage, according to Wine Spectator. This temperature is suitable for all varietals. If you have a dual-zone wine cooler or plan to use more than one cooler, store whites and roses a bit colder around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Red wine is usually served just shy of room temperature so store it anywhere between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our Avalon 12-Bottle Wine Cooler, like beverage tubs or ice buckets, are great to keep white wines chilled while serving appetizers and dinner. Always re-cork the bottle after it’s opened.

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If you’re having an outdoor BBQ, leave the red wine indoors as sunlight and heat will damage its contents. Only bring it outside if the temperature is mild and you have a place to keep it from getting too much sun. A covered patio cooler cart is a great addition to your BBQ because it has the cooler for white and sparkling wines, as well as other drinks, can hold cups, wine glasses and the bottles of red below. Also, keep an eye on the wine’s temperature and return it to the wine cooler or refrigerator if need be. Or top off everyone’s glass and open another bottle that is already at the proper temperature!

Are You Ready to Use a Wine Cooler and Serve it its Ideal Temperature?

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Wine is meant to be enjoyed, and storing it and serving it properly will make it even more enjoyable. So grab a bottle from your wine cooler or refrigerator, pour yourself a glass or two and enjoy! Share with us your favorite wine storage methods in the comments.


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