Unique Decorating Ideas for an Adult Halloween Party

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Are you looking for unique Halloween party ideas? We’ll show you some creative decorative ideas using DIY Halloween decorations, some spooky Halloween home decor and give you some creative food ideas for your adult Halloween party. Feel free to use any of the ideas you see here to create your own fabulously frightening adult Halloween party and share them with us in the comments below or on our Instagram page.

Halloween Party Ideas for Adults: Setting the Mood

If you are hosting your friends, don’t be afraid to set a spooky mood. Dress up your mantel & table with frightening frills like laboratory jars, bleeding candles, life-size Halloween zombies, and Halloween-inspired food and cocktails. Stream fake cobwebs and shredded black lace around the perimeter of each room that you’re decorating and hang individual pieces of white thread from the ceiling down to the table – they’ll be invisible to the eye, but as your guests approach, they’ll walk into the string and get the sensation that they’ve just walked through a web.

Halloween Party Ideas for Adults: The Mantel

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String a few faux cobwebs over your existing wall artwork. Then add some DIY Halloween decorations like bleeding candles to add ambiance. Sit some of the candles on props like old books or roughed-up candle holders so they’re all different heights. Purple and orange Starlight sphere Halloween lights instantly add dimension and a few Halloween pumpkins (you can use either real pumpkins, decorative Halloween pumpkins with geometric patterns, or pumpkins with 3-D bat detailing) to incorporate the classic staple of the season. Top off your mantel display with a Halloween skeleton and a couple of spider skeletons for a finishing touch.

Halloween Party Ideas for Adults: The Table

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Next, create a terrifying tablescape full of fun and delicious Halloween-inspired food and drinks. Display refreshments for your guests on a devilishly decorated table. Lay down an orange faux silk tablecloth and top it with a black lace table topper patterned with bats. Little details like laboratory jars and other DIY Halloween decorations will give your spread a special and unique feel. Come up with a few alcoholic concoctions like Blood Rum Punch and Ghostly Goblin Green Juice and serve them in Halloween wine glasses and tumblers. Your guests will appreciate and shudder at unique Halloween food ideas like black and red spaghetti noodles that resemble human insides. Top them with either alfredo or red sauce for an extra gross, but delicious effect. Serve Deviled Rotten Eggs that look terrifying at first glance, but are actually super tasty! As the centerpiece, place Blingy Skeleton Bones in the middle of the table.

Halloween Party Ideas for Adults: The Finishing Touches

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To finish off the Halloween decor for your adult party, enlist some scary lifelike Halloween props that could possibly be confused for actual guests. The male and female animated zombie pair come to life when activated and the life-size Halloween witch has a realistic face that is illuminated by a kaleidoscope light in her cauldron. And finally, perfect your theme party with spooky black Halloween garland on your staircase, an eerie candelabra, a dog Halloween skeleton with leash whose eyes light up, and a few lighted spooky Halloween trees.

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