Holiday Pet Gifts: What Do You Get the Dog Lovers in Your Life?

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The holidays. They come around once a year. You know this. But, you may stress out about buying your family and friends Christmas presents. And when you consider that some have furry family members aka dogs, it’s another gift you have to buy. This year, commit to yourself to remain calm when creating your Christmas gift list. Besides, all you have to do is check out our holiday pet gifts. You may even want to check it twice to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

These Are the Top Holiday Pet Gifts

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Don’t work yourself into a frenzy trying to find the right present for the pet lovers in your life. Here are the top holiday pet gifts.

Pet Gifts: Dog Leash

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Do you know someone who needs a new leash for their dog? If so, you’ll want to check out the innovative Go Smart Pet Leash. The dog leash locks in and stays put, and the handle is super-comfy for extra-long walks. It even has an LED light. This way your friend can safely walk their dog at night. The Go Smart Pet Leash uses our PETKIT app (iOS and Android) and will manage your friend’s dog-walking time. In fact, your family member or friend can share their roadmap with you. And check this out: the smart leash’s Intelligent System lets your friend sync it with their cell phone. It vibrates to notify you of an incoming call or text. Cool, huh? Of course, the Go Smart Pet Leash has a USB cord for charging. Dog walking has been taken to a new level!

Pet Gifts: Pet Bowls

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If you know someone who’s concerned with their pet’s health and weight, consider getting them waterproof and anti-microbial Fresh Smart Pet Bowls. When your friend downloads the PETKIT app (iOS and Android), it will electronically watch your friend’s pet’s weight. Your friend will have to select their pet’s food and input their weight. Once completed, they’ll be ready to track the number of calories their dog consumes. The app notifies a dog owner of their furry friend’s food consumption along with food suggestions. The dog bowls feature an ergonomically contoured design with four traction rubberized grips. Finally, the Fresh Smart Pet Bowl is available in small and large. It’s a great elevated dog bowl!

Pet Gifts: Dog Activity Trackers

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Another smart Christmas gift is the Bluetooth® capable P2 Smart Pet Activity Tracker. This pet activity-tracking device uses the PETKIT app (iOS and Android). Your friend can input their dog’s food intake for accurate analysis of calories consumed and burned. But that’s not all. Your friend can monitor their dog’s movement, regular sleep, and deep sleep activity. They can even use the PETKIT app to track their pooch’s mood with the featured emotion indicator. And, they can set calendar activity and veterinarian reminders from their mobile device, too. What’s more, your friend can chat, share photos, and videos with other users as well as outside social media networks. Furthermore, your friend can access the information from the Cloud and onto their mobile device. The P2 Smart Pet Activity Tracker weighs only one ounce, so your friend’s dog won’t notice it’s there.

Pet Gifts: Pet Ramps

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If your family member or friend has an ailing, smaller, or senior dog, perhaps their fur-kid could use a dog ramp. For instance, a pet ramp that’s sturdy enough to support pets up to 100 lbs. It provides easy access to a sofa, bed, chair or car. The dog ramp has a graduated step design of high-density foam with a soft microsuede cover that provides traction for paws. The pet ramp has a wide 21″ base for stability yet is lightweight for easy maneuvering. And check this out: the cover is removable for machine washing. These dog steps will help your friend’s pooch get up and down the couch or bed in no time!

Pet Gifts: Pet Gates

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Perhaps your friend or family member could use a folding pet gate to confine their dog to a specific space. For instance, if your friend is cooking in the kitchen or vacuuming the family room, a dog gate will come in handy. To move it, simply unfold the hinged panels. No wall attachment or installation is needed. Keep in mind that a 2-panel pet gate is ideal for doorways or halls. To add extra stability, add folding pet gate feet. Furthermore, the pet gate folds flat for storage and stores easily in a closet or under a bed.

Remember the Pet Lovers in Your Life During the Holidays

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Imagine the faces of your family and friends when you give them pet gifts. Perhaps your friend just adopted a senior dog that can use a pet ramp to get up and down off of the couch. What’s more, maybe your brother will be moving in the New Year and can use a dog gate to keep his furry friend in one area while he moves boxes and furniture.

Sound good?

If you know someone who doesn’t know what to get the pet lovers in their life, share this post with them via email or your favorite social network: Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Help others find the right pet gifts, so they can make the holiday brighter for their family and friends.

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