Tips for Year-Round Outdoor Fountain Maintenance

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A beautiful outdoor fountain can make a great focal piece for any garden or patio. Through proper care and a good cleaning, your garden fountain can run smoothly through the test of time. There are several types of outdoor fountains to choose from depending on your personal taste, the size of your patio or garden area and how much time and maintenance you are willing to invest.

Simple Steps to Keeping Your Garden Fountain Looking & Functioning at its Best

Outdoor Fountain Care 101
Keeping your outdoor fountain clean is just as important as maintaining the proper water level. Routinely wiping the inner bowl of your outdoor fountain with a non-abrasive cloth not only keeps it looking shiny and beautiful but also prevents the build-up of dirt and dust. Additionally, it is vital to remember to refill and clean your outdoor fountain pump on a regular basis as a dry pump will most likely result in the purchase of a new one.

Cleaning your Garden Fountain
Cleaning the bowl and pump is essential to the life of your garden fountain. The bowl should be emptied and lightly scrubbed with a toothbrush and dish detergent every one to three months. Before beginning your outdoor fountain cleaning, be sure and consult your manual in case your garden fountain requires a special cleaning method. For some garden fountains, algae additives and filtered water are needed to break down the build up of mold and calcium.

Outdoor Fountain Pump Maintenance
Before removing the pump, consult the manufacturer’s guide on proper cleaning and detaching methods. Once the pump is removed and opened, place it in a solution of vinegar for an easy-clean solution.

Preventing the Growth of Algae
Along with replacing the water on a monthly basis, you can also purchase an algae cleaner to decrease the growth of algae and keep the outdoor fountain’s water fresh. In addition, it is important to remember that algae, much like all growing organisms, experience increased growth when placed in well-lit areas. If algae continues to be a problem for you, you might want to consider moving your garden fountain to a shady area.

Appropriate Water Levels for Your Garden Fountain
As mentioned earlier, water levels are key to maintaining a healthy pump. The water level of your outdoor fountains should be checked daily, with small amounts of water added at each interval. Each month, you should drain and re-fill your outdoor fountain with fresh water to prevent stagnant water. Additionally, dry summer months can cause the water in your outdoor fountain’s bowl to evaporate more quickly, so be sure and check the water levels more frequently.

Let it Snow: Winter Outdoor Fountain Care
In seasonal climates and severe winter regions, outdoor fountains should be transported indoors to prevent cracking and freezing, especially marble garden fountains. Should removing the garden fountain from the outdoors prove to be too great of an undertaking, drain the outdoor fountain completely, dry it with a non-abrasive cloth and place a garden fountain cover over it as a protective shield from the weather.

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