Tips For Decorating a Christmas Tree

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There are a variety of different ways that you can decorate your Christmas tree. Whether you want your kids to help, or if you are decorating a non-kid-friendly tree, the following are some Christmas tree decorating ideas that you can use.

Christmas Toys

If you’ve got kids who have too many toys, you can recycle the toys and make ornaments out of them. Purchase some colorful Christmas tree lights from a store and attach them to the tree and then get to work making the ornaments.

  • Have your children pick out some small toys that they don’t want anymore. If you have some that you were going to donate or throw away, those would work perfectly. The toys from kids meals at fast food restaurants are a perfect size as well.
  • Cut a 9″ piece of string or 1/8″ wide Christmas ribbon for every toy you have collected.
  • Use a hot glue gun to attach the two ends of the ribbon to the top of the toy, so that it creates a loop to hang on the tree. If the toy has a good place to tie the ribbon on, you could do that instead. Just be sure that the ornament won’t be too heavy for the ribbon.
  • Hang them on the tree!

Candy Canes

If you have a frosted artificial Christmas tree, decorating your tree with a candy cane theme would be perfectly refreshing. To decorate your tree:

  • String white lights around the tree.
  • Purchase some large red and white candy canes and hang them all over the tree.
  • With red and white striped wrapping paper, wrap small boxes such as mint containers or other boxes of a similar size. Tie a small red ribbon bow around them and hang a loop of the ribbon onto the branches of the tree.
  • Using wide, wired red and white striped ribbon, make large bows and attach them to different areas of the tree.
  • To fill in any empty spaces, hang up red ball ornaments.


  • String the artificial Christmas tree with white lights.
  • Purchase a few packages of gold ball ornaments.
  • Collect or purchase pine cones.
  • Spray the ornaments and pine cones with spray-on adhesive and roll them in gold sequins, gold glitter, and/or small fall-colored jewels.
  • Drape some crystal ornaments on the tree to reflect your Christmas tree lights.
  • Hang the ornaments and set the pine cones on the branches when they are dry.
  • Using gold, red, rust, and cream colored 3″ wide ribbon, tie some bows to the empty spaces of the tree.
  • Top the tree with a big, golden star.
  • Wrap a fall-colored tree skirt around the base of the tree.

Color Pairing

Perhaps you want your Christmas tree theme to be certain colors. You might have elegant ornaments, fun ornaments, or just a whole bunch of random ornaments. There are some colors that look better together than others that you might want to pair together for the tree. Some Christmas tree decorating ideas using a color as your theme are:

  • The same color in different shades. For example, scarlet, pink, and maroon.
  • Red, white, and blue (perhaps a patriotic theme).
  • Charcoal, rose, and ivory.
  • Taupe, sea foam, cranberry, and cream.
  • Bright orange, buttercream, deep red, caramel, and ivory.
  • Of course, the traditional red and green
  • Champagne, gold, and white

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One comment on “Tips For Decorating a Christmas Tree
  1. Lizzie Saito says:

    I love your suggestion about draping some crystal ornaments! I will definitely do that on my tree. Though I am thinking of using my antique and contemporary hand blown glass figurines from Murano and Russia. 🙂 I think they will look mesmerizing on my tree! Thanks for sharing!

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