Thanksgiving Mantel: Showcase the Bold Colors and Bountiful Ornaments of the Season

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Many of the winter months are spent gathered around the fireplace recounting memories of holidays past, and making new ones. Add to the spirit of the season with these fall-inspired decorating ideas for a thoughtful Thanksgiving mantel.

Wheel In The Right Wreath For Your Wall

Let’s start with the backdrop of your display: the wreath. When choosing a wreath for the Thanksgiving season, you want to ask yourself, “What is my décor theme?” Do you want to go with a more classic and subtle style that features the traditional colors of the season, or do want to add a little drama to your display?

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If you choose the former, a wreath with classic red, orange, and yellow leaves is the way to go. If you are a little more adventurous and modern in style, and choose the latter, go with a more whimsical theme. Select a fall wreath with seasonal fruit and vibrant greenery. To get a little more glam with it, tie a gold-tone deco mesh bow to the bottom and let it delicately drape onto your mantel. Either hang your wreath with a decorative wreath hanger, from a bright-colored ribbon or hang it on the wall to give the illusion that it’s floating. Here are some pointers on how to hang a wreath. And finally, consider a mirror backdrop – it will not only reflect your wreath and project its colors, but it will also make the room appear larger!

Tell A Story With Your Mantel Top

When it comes to topping your mantel with Thanksgiving decor, the possibilities are essentially endless. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

You can never go wrong with a collection of flameless candles. Add dimension to your mantel by using some that come in different sizes. Scatter them randomly across the top of your mantel to give the display a natural look. For a more dramatic alternative, try using tall wood candle holders. Place a couple of different shapes and sizes on either side of the mantel to frame your wreath as the focal point of your Thanksgiving mantel scene. Scatter a few small gourds around the candles or lay some fall garland across the top. To illuminate the detail in the stems of the candleholders, mix in some small lights with the garland, or use a pre-lit garland.

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Another option for lighting your mantel, architectural lanterns are a unique way to create ambiance. Set a few along your mantel and add some leaves, pinecones, and berries to create what looks like a small town in the midst of the fall season. When illuminated, the candlelight will pass through the panes of glass and cast delightful patterns on the wall behind it.

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Make Festive Your Fireplace

The final step to creating a beautiful Thanksgiving mantel display is to pick a couple of fall decor pieces to place on either side of your fireplace. Two statuesque items similar in shape and size will bring equilibrium to the entire fall display – like pre-lit fall trees. Place them in rustic topiary urns for a little extra height and a lot of extra elegance! If you have a non-working fireplace, try laying a few ornaments inside the hearth. House small pumpkins and gourds, a vase of autumnal flowers, and a bail of hay. Place the items on a loose layer of straw for an extra festive feel.

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And there you have it. In three simple steps, you can create a Thanksgiving mantel that is sure to set the mood this holiday season.

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