Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas for Your Door

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When decorating your front door for Thanksgiving, a few staple items offer a good starting point. Fall-colored wreaths, plants, and battery-operated wireless lights will transform any entryway into a welcoming herald of autumn. Whether you have a small, single door entryway or a grand porch with double doors and a banister, here are some easy ways to update the look of your front door for Thanksgiving.

The Size of Your Door Matters

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Decorating your front entrance for Thanksgiving is relatively simple. The size of your front door and porch will determine how much Thanksgiving decor you can display. If you have a small entryway like a small porch and a single door, consider hanging a festive, fall-colored wreath on your front door. By using a fall wreath, you can hang the wreath during the first signs of fall and then pop in some inexpensive Thanksgiving decor into the center of the wreath.

Which Size Wreath to Use
Wreaths generally come in standard sizes. To determine the size of Thanksgiving wreath you want, first measure the width of your door (note: a standard front door is 36″ wide). Next, think about the impact you want to create. Are you looking for understated and classic? Then go with a smaller size—20″-26″ in diameter. If it’s bold and festive you’re after, then you’ll want a larger size—28″-30″. If your door is wider than standard and you want the classic look of a single wreath, choose a proportionally larger wreath, 30″-36″ diameter.

Decorating Double Doors

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If you have double front doors, consider hanging matching Thanksgiving wreaths on each door to create a symmetrical look. If your wreath does not come with lights, place some wireless branches into the wreath and tuck the on/off switch, which is sometimes a large black box, onto the inside of the wreath so it can’t be seen. For more tips on wreaths, see our article “How to Hang a Wreath.”

Decorating Your Front Door with Thanksgiving Garland

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If you have a larger entryway and you want to make a grand statement, decorate your front door with some beautifully thick and richly decorative Thanksgiving garland.

3-Step Instructions on How to Hang Garland

  1. The first step to hanging Thanksgiving garland is to determine how much you are going to need to completely surround your door frame with minimal excess. Hanging Tip: You’re going to want to hang the garland away from the door frame so it won’t interfere with your guests as they enter and exit.
  2. Start by measuring from the ground to the top of the outer edge of the doorframe and then double this number to account for both sides of the door.
  3. Next, measure across the door, starting and ending at the outer edge of the trim. Add these two numbers together to get the total length of Thanksgiving garland you’ll need.
  4. Once you have the garland, it’s time to hang it around the front door. Beginning at the top of the door, attach the fall garland using garland hangers, making sure to place it outside the doorframe.
  5. Once the garland is up, weave wireless, battery-operated lights through the fall-themed garland (be sure to place the lights so the on/off switch is easily-accessible). If you want, you can add some small Thanksgiving decorations to the garland like small pumpkins, fake cranberries, etc.

Decorate Your Porch

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If you have potted plants on your porch, update them with fall-colored foliage plants and consider adding some decorative pine cones into the mix. You can also buy Thanksgiving plant fillers that are made up of leaves, sunflowers, pinecones, and berries that you can add to a fall-colored pot. Or, if you want something taller to flank your doorway, stand a couple of artificial topiaries next to the door. Add some wireless lights to your plants to make them pop at night. Finish the look by hanging baskets from your porch eaves and along the banister.
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And don’t forget the final touch — a Thanksgiving doormat will help ground your front porch decorations and ensure that every guest feels as welcome as the harvest season.

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