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  • Storage Ideas How to Protect and Preserve Christmas Decorations

    Storage Ideas: How to Protect and Preserve Christmas Decorations

    You may enjoy decorating your home for Christmas, but you may not enjoy taking down and putting away your decorations. Why? Because no matter how careful you are, some may get misplaced or damaged. If this has happened to you, you’re

  • Back to Campus-College Student Home Storage Dorm Solutions

    Back to Campus Tip: Get Your College Student Home Storage Dorm Solutions

    Do you have a college bound student? If so, get them home storage solutions for their dorm room. Imagine your son or daughter’s dorm room with everything in its place, from clothing to school supplies. We know what you’re thinking:

  • Video: Home Office Organization Simplified

    Even if working from home isn’t part of your official job, a lot of “work” happens there. From paying bills to organizing family schedules to creating crafts and artwork, every home can benefit from an organized home office. If you’re

  • Video: Entryway Storage Ideas

    When people decide to update their home, they don’t usually focus on the entryway…but they should. The entryway most likely sets the tone for the rest of the house and if it’s cluttered, it probably not a far stretch for