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  • Outdoor living space with eucalyptus patio furniture

    Do It Yourself Pest Control: Make Your Yard Pest-Free

    Your yard, garden, and patio are areas of pride, joy, and relaxation. However, they can be ruined by unwanted guests. Bugs and pests live outdoors so they kind of come with the territory, but you don’t have to let them

  • Modern home kitchen

    Do It Yourself Pest Control: How to Make Your Home Free of Pests

    Do it yourself pest control seems like a daunting or at the very least an unpleasant, task. But with the right methods and knowledge, taking care of a pest problem on your own will save you time and money.

  • Stink bug

    Pest Control: How To Remove Stink Bugs From Your Home

    Stink bugs really do stink. And having them invade your home is not enjoyable for anyone. However, you’ll want to remove stink bugs from your home without squashing them. When the bug is smashed, its foul odor is released. So what is

  • Raised garden bed in a backyard

    How to Prevent Common Garden Pests

    Planting a garden can be a very therapeutic experience. Getting outdoors, enjoying the sun, feeling the soil and planting life to watch grow and thrive is such a delightful hobby for many people. However, it can also be incredibly frustrating, thanks to

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    How To Get Rid Of Moles Using Home Remedies

    Just because you have a mole in your yard, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for war! If the mole is just in the dirt areas of your yard or in your garden, you might want to leave him alone and