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  • Christmas Decorating Ideas to Try this Holiday Season-Christmas Decorations

    Christmas Decorating Ideas to Try this Holiday Season

    ‘Tis the season for giving, the season for celebrating and, thus, the season for decorating! With Christmas upon us, it’s time to throw a holiday party and deck your home in festive decor. When it comes to Christmas decorating ideas,

  • Dress Your Home to Impress with These Outside Christmas Decorations

    Dress Your Home to Impress with These Outside Christmas Decorations

    Decorated to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, we’re giving you inspired looks with outside Christmas decorations for your home. Lifelike Christmas greenery dresses up the snowy entryway, while Christmas ornaments and gifts add to the wonder of the season. Angels with

  • Christmas Decorating Ideas-How to Turn Outdoor Christmas Decorations On and Off

    Christmas Decorating Ideas: How to Turn Outdoor Christmas Decorations On and Off

    Outdoor Christmas decorations cast a warm and homey glow throughout the chilly evenings of the season. But if you need to go out in the dark and snow to turn them on, that definitely takes some of the warm out

  • How To Control Christmas Lights

    With everything that seems to go on around Christmas, it is easy to forget to turn the Christmas lights on or off. Whether you have lights around the outside of your home, a great set up of Christmas tree lights,

  • Christmas Energy Saving Tips

    7 Christmas Energy Saving Tips

    During the holiday season, you’re most likely going to light up your house with Christmas lights and beautiful Christmas decorations. Here are some Christmas energy saving tips that we put together to try and help you keep your electric bill

  • Nativity Scene Decorations

    Nativity Scene Christmas Decorations

    Nativity sets are one of those Christmas decorations that can be passed down through the generations. There are several different types of Christmas nativity scenes, each with different characters and animals as well as different looks like old-world European nativity

  • Winter Wonderland Christmas Decoration Ideas

    Creating a Winter Wonderland outdoor Christmas theme will look beautiful in your yard, regardless if you live in an area that gets snow during the holidays or if you live in a dry and warm location. To begin your Winter

  • Animal Themed Winter Wonderland

    Animal Themed Winter Wonderland Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    When creating an outdoor Winter Wonderland theme, the first thing you’ll do is buy white lights, lots and lots of white lights. To get ideas on how to set up your white lights before adding your Winter Wonderland characters, see

  • An Outdoor Christmas Display That’s Full of Character

    If you are looking to spice up your outdoor Christmas display, these characters are a great way to add a pop of personality and show your love for the classics.

  • Candy Cane Christmas Decorations

    Candy Cane Christmas Decorations

    For me, nothing says Christmas time quite like Peppermint Candy Canes. Candy Canes remind me of when I was a child and my grandmother would completely cover her faux-snow artificial Christmas tree with hundreds of candy canes, and then tell