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  • Christmas Decorating Ideas-Why Do We Decorate for Christmas

    Christmas Decorating Ideas: The “Why” Behind it All

    Putting up a Christmas tree and adorning it with colorful ornaments, hanging stockings by the fire with care and filling them with gifts galore, and hanging mistletoe on the bough and kissing beneath it are all time-honored Christmas decorating ideas/traditions

  • How To Hang Christmas Stockings.1

    How To Hang Christmas Stockings

    Hanging a Christmas stocking on the mantel is a treasured holiday memory for many of us. Putting up stockings is such a hope-filled act; no matter our age, we trust that Santa will come. And while we (hopefully) just remember

  • How to Decorate Small Spaces for Christmas

    How To Decorate Small Spaces for Christmas (And Make Them Cozy)

    Decorating for small spaces, let alone for Christmas, has its challenges because you have a limited amount of space. After all, where should you put your Christmas tree? And should you get a live tree or pre-lit artificial Christmas tree?

  • Dress Your Home to Impress with These Indoor Christmas Décor Ideas

    Dress Your Home to Impress with These Indoor Christmas Décor Ideas

    ‘Tis the season to decorate your home for the holidays. But you may not know where to start. Furthermore, you may not even know which Christmas decorations to use. No problem. We’re giving you five different Christmas decor ideas that

  • Mantel Decorating Ideas: How To Fake a Mantel in a Small Space

    Mantel Decorating Ideas: How to Fake a Christmas Mantel

    Do you admire your family and friends fireplace mantels? If you don’t have one, seeing their charming Christmas mantels could make you blue. Well, get a load of this: you can fake one with our mantel decorating ideas. These faux fixes

  • How to Display Christmas Ornaments

    How To Display Christmas Ornaments

    If you have already decorated your Christmas tree and have some ornaments left over, or if you aren’t planning on having a tree this year, there are still some fun ways that you can display Christmas ornaments in your home.

  • Creative Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings

    Creative Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings

    There are plenty of easy, creative, and attractive ways to hang your Christmas stockings this year. If you want to branch out from hanging your Christmas stocking on a mantel or if you just have a ton of stockings to