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    Gardening Tips: What to Plant in the Fall

    Just like spring, fall is ideal for planting. Why? Because the cooler temperatures, rainfall, and short, bright days will help plants make a fast and easy transition to your landscape. In fact, the entire first half of autumn gives them

  • Outdoor living space with piles of pillows and cushions along with a Buddha statue, foliage, and pebbled metallic garden stool

    Gardening Design Ideas: How To Create a Zen Garden

    Could you use a little more relaxation in your life? If so, a Zen garden may be just what you need. After, all Buddhist monks have been using them for centuries. In fact, the Zen gardens that you may be

  • Garden tools in the dirt

    7 Must-Have Gardening Tools and Their Purpose

    It’s about that time of year to start gardening or at least planning your garden depending on where you live. To properly prepare, plant and maintain a healthy and attractive garden, you need the correct gardening tools. But do you