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  • Beat the Heat-Tower Evaporative Air Cooler

    Beat the Heat: Air Conditioner or Portable Air Evaporative Cooler

    If you don’t know the difference between an air conditioner and portable air evaporative cooler, you may buy the wrong solution for your needs. Do that, and you won’t stay cool during the summer. Keep in mind that you also

  • How to Add Privacy to Your Deck

    How to Add Privacy to Your Deck

    Even if you love your neighbors (but especially if you don’t) there are times you want to add privacy to your deck or porch. The same is true of a patio. While you may love to entertain, you also may

  • Deck Privacy Ideas

    Deck Privacy Ideas

    If you have a nice deck, chances are you’ve pretty much converted it into a second living area – a place where you and your family and friends can gather and have a good time. In the warm months, you’ve