Fun Games for Swimming Pool Parties

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A swimming pool party is almost sure to draw a crowd. Whether you’re planning a pool party for your child’s birthday, or you just want to get the neighbors together for an evening of fun, there are some great swimming pool games that you might want to learn. Some swimming pool games can be purchased, but we’ve put together a list of some games for your swimming pool that you can create yourself.

Turn an Ordinary Pool Party Into a Fun Zone With These Clever Swimming Pool Games

Water Volleyball
If you have a beach ball or can get your hands on one, water volleyball is a fun and exciting game for the swimming pool. Depending on the age of the crowd at your pool party, you can use the length or the width of the pool as your “court.” Stretch a net across the pool or just attach swimming noodles to one another to create a line across the pool where the net should be. This could be a fun game for adults and children to play together, as you can have the kids in the shallow end of the pool and the adults in the deep end. Kids vs adults is always a blast!

Marco Polo
A classic game for swimming pool parties is Marco Polo. The person who is “it” has to shut their eyes. They call out “Marco!” and every other person in the pool must reply with “Polo!” The “it” person must swim around and try to find everyone by listening to their responses. When they finally tag someone, that person becomes “it.” And, if you’re playing against that sneaky someone who likes to hide from you by standing next to the pool (and outside of the water), you can yell “fish out of water” and the person who is on dry land becomes “it.” You don’t have to use the phrase “Marco Polo” – personalize it any way that you want, such as “Cool Beans” or “Pool Party”.

Watermelon Push
Did you know that watermelons float in the water? Buy two watermelons and set them in the water at one end of the pool. Line up your first 2 contestants, one behind each watermelon. The goal is for each contestant to get the watermelon from one end of the pool to the other without letting their feet touch the floor of the pool. If you want to be super sneaky, apply a lubricant to the watermelon to make it extra slippery and even harder to get to the other end of the pool. Whoever gets their watermelon to the end first, wins! If you have a lot of participants, you can make it a relay race with teams.

Freeze Tag
Playing Freeze Tag in the swimming pool is a little different than how it’s played out on the lawn. When the “it” person tags someone and they become frozen, they have to tread water and cannot unfreeze until someone else is able to swim underneath their legs. If the “it” person is able to freeze all of the participants without anyone becoming unfrozen, the last person frozen becomes “it”.

As you can see, there are a lot of swimming pool games that you can play when you’re planning a pool party, either for adults or children. If you’re looking for swimming pool games to purchase, there are also many options. Have a swimming race through weighed down rings. Toss weights into the pool and see who can dive down, pick up their weight, and get back to the surface first. Floating board games are also great fun. The possibilities are almost endless, so figure out what your crowd wants and get to work setting up the perfect game for your swimming pool party.

DISCLAIMER: Children should be supervised at all times. Never leave a child unattended.

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2 comments on “Fun Games for Swimming Pool Parties
  1. Sherry Gray says:

    I love my kids when they play in the swimming pool parties. Watermelon push is my kids favourite and marco polo bring smile on their faces. But i am not having a swimming pool. So kids have to go to their friend house. These tips are an eye opener for me and i am surely going to invest some money to have our own swimming pool. u

    • Amandah Blackwell says:

      Terry, thanks for your comment! We hope you get your swimming pool. 🙂

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