Outdoor Living Space: What You Need for Your Summer Party

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party Essentials

If you’re having a summer party, you’ll want to make sure that your outdoor living space is ready. After all, you want your guests to be comfortable, don’t you? Of course, you may want to think about your neighbors and consider creating a temporary separation between you and them. Let’s explore what you’ll need for your outdoor living space so that your summer party is one that your family and friends will remember for years to come.

Summer Party: Everything You Need for Your Outdoor Living Space

Coolers and Beverage Tubs

Don’t interrupt your summer party with frequent trips to the fridge! Use coolers and beverage tubs to keep drinks close by and cold. For instance, our Palm Harbor Resin Wicker Cooler will add a splash of style to your get-together. It’s all-weather resin in a rich brown finish, lined with insulated plastic, and features a convenient hinged lid. With a 60-quart capacity, your party will never end.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Palm Harbor Resin Wicker Cooler

If you prefer a nostalgic look, you may enjoy using our Americana Beverage Tub. This beverage tub holds a generous amount of drinks on ice and even includes a handy bottle opener. You may use the cooler on a tabletop or on the included stand.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Americana Beverage Tub

Finally, for a retro look, you may prefer using our Hammered Aluminum Bowls to hold your drinks at your next summer party. You can display these bowls individually or pair them, along with the large bowl’s iron stand, and watch them become the focus of your party. Keep drinks cold and vibes cool with these aluminum bowls.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Hammered Decorative Bowls

Drinkware and Serveware

Your outdoor living space and summer party won’t be complete without proper outdoor drinkware and serveware. For instance, an Iced Serving Bowl can keep foods cold for longer. Just fill the bottom compartment of the large serving bowl with ice. Position the vented grate over the ice, then fill the bowl with your salad, fruit or appetizer. The coldness will flow through the Iced Serving Bowl to keep your food chilled. The large serving bowl is beautifully designed of clear acrylic with a dome lid to keep cold air in, and bugs out!

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Iced Serving Bowl

If you’re serving cold drinks at your summer party, you’ll need ice cubes, right? A Portable Ice Maker lets you make ice quickly whenever you need it during your summer party. All you do is plug in the commercial-quality ice maker, and it will start delivering ice in less than 10 minutes, in your choice of three sizes of cubes. No more having to run to the corner store for ice!

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Portable Ice Maker

To keep insects from feasting and leaves from flying on your table during your summer party, use Food Tents over your spread. Just pull the string to fold the food tent compactly (like an umbrella) for easy storage. The Food Tents are lightweight, collapsible, and great for your backyard summer parties.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Food Tents

Outdoor Curtains and Rods and Privacy Screens

To create a sense of privacy in your outdoor living space, use outdoor curtains and an outdoor curtain rod with a post.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Outdoor Curtain Rod with Post

For instance, a Grommet Top Semi Opaque Outdoor Curtain Panels or Grommet Top Curtain Panels in Khaki provides you with a fresh, breezy style. The water-repellent polyester curtain panels are designed to keep their good looks through rain, the wind, and hot sun. Not only will they give you privacy from your neighbors, but they’ll add style to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Grommet Top Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Grommet Top Outdoor Curtains Khaki

If you’d prefer to use privacy screens to block off your summer party, the Nouvelle 3 Panel Resin Wicker Privacy Screen easily separates two areas. It’s constructed of weather-resistant resin wicker and hinged with 2′ stability bars at the base, for support. These privacy panels are available in a neutral, cocoa brown color that will match your outdoor decor.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Nouvelle 3 Panel Resin Wicker Privacy Screen

If that’s not your style, you may be interested in the more decorative Eternity 3 Panel Sling Privacy Screen. The 60″-wide steel frame panels with PVC sling fabric screening allow filtered light to pass through while still creating privacy for your summer party. No matter which option you choose, you can easily create privacy for your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Eternity 3 Panel Privacy Screen

Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

If you have outdoor patio furniture set up for your summer party, it makes sense to have outdoor cushions and outdoor pillows. For example, the Sea Mist Medallion Deep Seat Outdoor Cushion, Comfort Deep Seat Patio Cushion and Sea Mist Medallion Outdoor Throw Pillows will add vibrant color to your summer party. The cushions resist mildew, fading, and stains. Keep in mind that you can mix and match some of our solid outdoor cushions and outdoor pillows to create your own unique outdoor furniture collection.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Eucalyptus Side Table

Outdoor Furniture

When you have a summer party, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of outdoor furniture for your guests. Our beautifully designed Eucalyptus Deep Seat Outdoor Furniture Group is an invitation for you to relax with family and friends. It’s crafted of durable eucalyptus – a renewable tropical hardwood and offers larger-than-standard seats and slightly slanted backs for ample comfort. Our exclusive patio furniture collection offers a variety of pieces that can be placed together in many different ways, making it easy to create the perfect conversation grouping to fit your space.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Eucalyptus Deep Seat Furniture Group

In addition to the Eucalyptus Deep Seat Patio Furniture Group, you may consider adding outdoor lounge chairs to your summer party set up. For instance, the vintage-looking Laurel Ridge Resin Wicker Patio Chair has beautiful details that include a barrel back design with rolled arms, rounded seats, comfortable open flat weave, and front apron.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Laurel Ridge Resin Wicker Chair

If you’re throwing a summer party on a small patio, you may consider the Havana 3-Piece Resin Wicker Swivel Patio Chair & Table Set. This patio table set creates a cozy and stylish seating arrangement.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Havana Swivel Chair

Speaking of patio tables, you can never have enough outdoor tables for your summer party. After all, you’ll need enough space to put your appetizers, food, and drinks. For instance, the Eucalyptus Patio Side Table is a handy surface for guests to place their drinks.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Outdoor Side Table

The Eucalyptus Outdoor Folding Serving Table can serve has a mini beverage bar, dinnerware holder, or stand-alone table.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Eucalyptus Outdoor Folding Serving Table

You may use the Eucalyptus Patio Sideboard as a buffet server for food and drinks.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Eucalyptus Sideboard

Finally, you may use the Eucalyptus Outdoor Console Table to hold outdoor decor, appetizers, and drinks.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Eucalyptus Console Table

With so many outdoor furniture options, the possibilities are endless!

Outdoor Lighting

Set the mood of your summer party with outdoor lighting! For instance, you may want to add some outdoor lamps around your outdoor seating area. The stylish, yet durable, Monterey Outdoor Lamps feature a waterproof light bulb enclosure and hand-finished, antique bronze base with diamond weave pattern. They’re topped with versatile and colorful Sunbrella® fabric shades.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Monterey Outdoor Lamp

In addition to outdoor patio table lamps, you may want to drape some patio string lights around. For example, our Edison String Lights can turn your outdoor living area into an inviting, yet sophisticated party scene. These vintage-inspired patio lights will make your guests want to stay awhile under the glow of their soft ambient light.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Clear Filament Edison Lights

Other outdoor lighting options that you may want to add in your summer party set-up include the Spiral Solar Lanterns, which bring the illusion of hundreds of fireflies to your backyard. You can either hang them in trees, from your patio awning, or on a shepherd’s hook.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Spiral Solar Lanterns

The Solar Tulip Lanterns will add elegance and grace to your outdoor living space. This solar lantern features a stained glass look with winding and whimsical pink tulips on each of its four sides and charges on a full day’s sunshine for nighttime illumination. Light up your summer party with the beauty of stained glass style art!

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Solar Tulip Lantern

Outdoor Plants

If you’re throwing a tropical-inspired outdoor summer party, add some outdoor plants to your patio decor. For instance, our Self-Watering Planters offer both exceptional style and growing ease and will make tending to your tropical plants a breeze. These contemporary outdoor planters have a built-in sub-irrigation system that allows plants to draw up water as needed, for several days or even weeks. Made of sturdy polyethylene, the Self-Watering Modern Planters have a smooth surface that is shatterproof and UV-resistant. The ambiance that outdoor plants provide will make your guests feel as if they’re visiting a tropical destination.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Self-Watering Tapered Planters

Outdoor Rug

Create the illusion of Moroccan tile flooring with the Tangiers Outdoor Rug! Inspired by ancient artistry but made for today, the Tangiers Outdoor Rug will add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor space as well as comfort underfoot. The patio rug is designed to stand up to hot sun and wet weather and to resist mold, mildew, and stains. Don’t worry about spills! Simply spray your outdoor rug with a hose for easy cleaning.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Tangiers Outdoor Rug

Patio Umbrella

Light up and entertain your summer party guests with the 9’ Color Changing Solar Lighted Umbrella. The solar panel on top requires a full day’s charge for 8 hours of illumination. Each of the eight ribs on the patio umbrella has 3 LED lights that change to different colors: blue, white, green, and red. The 9′ Color Changing Solar Lighted Umbrella will add a colorful illuminated ambiance to your evening.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-9 Foot Color Changing Solar Umbrella

To ensure that your solar lighting umbrella doesn’t tip, use a Commercial Grade Umbrella Stand. The heavy-duty umbrella base offers up to 95 pounds of heavy holding force for patio umbrellas of any size. The attractive shell design with smooth edging will look great in your outdoor living space!

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Commercial Grade Umbrella Stand

Outdoor Wall Decor

The Metal Sun Face Outdoor Wall Art will add a ray of sunshine to your summer party. This stunning metal outdoor wall decor can be hung by itself over a patio table, grouped together with other elements in a niche space, or added to an outside wall. The Metal Sun Face Outdoor Wall Art will give your backyard space an eternal sunny-side-up attitude!

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Metal Sunface Wall Decor

Is Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Your Summer Party?

Imagine that you’re having a summer party. You look at your outdoor living space and can’t believe how everything came together. Not only have you created a comfortable space for you and your family and friends to gather, but it’s stylish, too. You even livened it up with music from your Bluetooth waterproof speaker. Your guests are laughing and having a great time, and it warms your heart to see them enjoying themselves.

Sound impossible?

It’s not.

All you have to do is refer to this post to ensure that you have everything you need for your outdoor living space before you send out invitations to your summer party.

If you (or someone you know) could use help designing an outdoor living space, check out the following posts: Outdoor Lounge Space: How to Create a Classic Look and Outdoor Lounge Space: How to Create an Eclectic Look, to get ideas on how to design an outdoor lounge space that works for you.

Outdoor Living Space-Summer Party-Key Largo Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set

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