Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Summer Guest Bedroom Cheat Sheet

Summer Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you’ve ever traveled to visit family and friends, you probably have stayed in a few guest bedrooms. Some of them may have hit the mark and made you feel welcomed. Others, well, they may have made you wished that you booked a hotel room. Because of your experiences, you probably want your guests to feel at home when they stay in your guest bedroom. Here’s a cheat sheet on how to create a summer guest bedroom. But heed our warning: these bedroom decorating ideas could make your summer guests feel very much at home and they may never leave!

Bedroom Decorating Ideas: How to Easily Create a Summer Guest Bedroom

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When you have extended guests stay with you during the summer, you’ll want them to feel warm and cozy in your guest bedroom. You know what that means, don’t you? Your bedroom décor matters! Here’s a cheat sheet to help you create a space that’s inviting and tranquil.

Guest Room Bedding

To make sure your summer guests stay warm during the cool nights, make sure you have a blanket on the bed. The Grand Hotel Thermal Cotton Blanket features a pretty basket-weave design is cozy and comfortable. Your guests will stay warm under the luxurious thermal blanket. The Grand Hotel Thermal Cotton Blanket comes in six neutral colors: aqua, white, navy, taupe, grey, or ivory, so you may consider getting more than one.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Throw Blankets

If the bed in your guest bedroom doesn’t have a mattress pad or it’s been a while since you’ve changed it, you may consider a 300-thread count Coolmax Mattress Pad. Why? Because the quilted design promotes air flow so your summer guests will stay cool and comfortable as they sleep. The hypoallergenic, fiber-filled mattress pad is healthier and cleaner, and the stretchy sides fit securely on mattresses even up to 18″ deep. The Coolmax Mattress Pads features stain-release technology to keep them cleaner.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Mattress Pads

Add a refined, timeless style to the bed in your guest bedroom with the English Garden Quilt Collection. On one side, it features a lovely, traditional floral print, and on the other an oversized stripe, that will make a statement in your guest bedroom and turn your guest bedroom into a calming and peaceful oasis for your summer guests.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Summer Quilts

Pillow cases and sheets such as the Regency Deluxe 400 Thread Count 6-piece Summer Sheet Sets will put your summer guests to sleep as soon as they get into bed. These 100% cotton sateen sheets are luxuriously soft and have a decorative hemstitch that adds a finished, attractive touch.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Summer Sheets

Guest Room Pillows

You may want to give your summer guests a choice of bedroom pillows. For example, the No Snore Pillow is specially designed to alleviate snoring and can lead to a more restful night’s sleep. The engineered, convoluted foam helps reduce snoring by maintaining head and neck posture and helps to keep airways open for back sleepers, which can reduce snoring. If your guests sleep on their sides, they’ll benefit from the anatomically correct neck support.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Guest Room Pillows

Make your guests bedding situation more comfortable with a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. It’s ideal for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. The 6″ thick memory foam pillow will never go flat and offers the ultimate in comfort. A breathable bamboo cover will keep your house guests cool and comfortable all night long.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Guest Room Pillows

Guest Room Furniture

You’ll want to make sure the bedroom furniture in your summer guest bedroom is stylish and functional. The 2- and 3-seat Danbury Storage Benches provides loads of storage and additional seating. Plus, it comes with 2 or 3 removable baskets to hold your or your guests’ odds and ends.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Storage Benches

Your guests will see themselves from every angle with the Over-the-Door Mirror. It easily hangs on any closet or door and features real glass mirrors. When your guests aren’t using the triple view mirror, all they have to do is fold both sides in for a traditional full-length mirror.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Over the Door Mirror

Not only will the classic looking Storage Ottoman look great at the end of the bed in your summer guest bedroom, but it will provide additional seating and bedroom storage (blankets and pillows) and even a tabletop. The top hinges remain open for added safety and hands-free ease. No matter where you place the Storage Ottoman in your guest bedroom, it will look good and your guests will enjoy using it.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Storage Ottoman

Guest Room Curtains

Summer guest bedroom decorating ideas wouldn’t be complete without curtains! ThermaVoile Grommet-Top Curtains allow light to filter through but not drafts. With ThermaVoile Grommet-Top Curtains, your summer guests will enjoy the airy look of sheers while they insulate the windows against heat loss, drafts, and hot sun. You could use ThermaVoile Grommet-Top Curtains alone or pair them with other curtains.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Guest Bed Curtains

Guest Room Lighting

With its classic white linen shade and textured blue glass base, the Waterstone Glass Table Lamp has a nature-inspired look, like a beach glass treasure. The blue luminescence is reminiscent of a water droplet. The combination of crisp shade and droplet-shaped base adds artistic style. It’s ideal for a dresser or nightstand and will add ambiance to your summer guest bedroom.

Summer Guest Bedroom - Lighting

Guest Room Accessories

Don’t make your summer house guests fix the bed skirt every time they get out of bed. Bed Skirt Pins are the easy solution! Simply anchor your bed skirt to the box spring with double-pronged Bed Skirt Pins, and it will always look beautifully in place. You can also use Bed Skirt Pins to adapt an oversized bed skirt to a smaller box spring.

Summer Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas-Bed Skirt Pins

If you like the charm of bed ruffles but don’t like lifting the mattress in your guest bedroom every time you want to wash them, the Easy Fit™ Wrap Around Bed Skirt is the home solution for you. Not only does it save you from lifting the mattress, but it will give the guest bed a finished look.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Guest Bed Skirts

One of the easiest ways to create or update your summer guest bedroom is with bedroom pillows. Your guests will love to cozy up on the bed with Trellis Decorative Throw Pillows. Not only are they fashionable with a woven design, but they’re easy to maintain — just spot clean. You could coordinate them with our Thermalogic Trellis Print Grommet-Top Insulated Curtains.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Throw Pillows

Summer Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas-Trellis Grommet Top Insulated Curtains

Dress up your guest bedroom bench with the Gingham Tufted Bench Cushion! Your houseguests will enjoy relaxing on this cozy and durable tufted bench cushion with its classic gingham print. The dyed-to-match latex bottom helps keep the cushion in place with no ties needed, so your guests won’t slide off. The Gingham Tufted Bench Cushion is available in two sizes and seven colors: black, blue, natural, navy, red, red/white/blue, or sage.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Bench Cushions

Guest Bedroom Wall Art

Add the sophisticated and intricately Sail Away Canvas Wall Art to your summer guest bedroom decor. The depicted scene shows a sailboat racing across open water, crashing waves on either side. Your guests will enjoy the tranquility of being at sea inside your guest bedroom with the Sail Away Canvas Wall Art wall decor.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Wall Art

Are You Ready to Create an Amazing Summer Guest Bedroom?

You may want to look at your guest bedroom and consider giving it a makeover. After all, when you stay at a friend or relative’s home you’d like to stay in a comfortable space, right? When you’ve finished assessing your space, use our cheat sheet to create a restful extra bedroom. If you find that you need an additional bed because you may have more than one guest staying with you, consider getting the EZ Bed Inflatable Guest Bed. All you do is roll the compact, wheeled case for this inflatable mattress, plug it in, and within minutes, you’ll have an 8-1/2″ thick mattress, ready for your guests. When your guests leave, flip the switch and the EZ Bed Inflatable Guest Bed will deflate, and you can pack it away in its zippered case. It really is easy to use.

Use our summer bedroom decorating ideas to create a guest bedroom that makes your guests feel as if they’re staying at a cozy bed and breakfast. But keep in mind that they may want to extend their stay!

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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