Storage Ideas: How to Protect and Preserve Christmas Decorations

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You may enjoy decorating your home for Christmas, but you may not enjoy taking down and putting away your decorations. Why? Because no matter how careful you are, some may get misplaced or damaged. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. But don’t worry. We have storage ideas that can help you preserve and protect your Christmas decorations. Read on to learn about them!

Christmas Decor Storage Ideas: Ways to Preserve and Protect Decorations

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Throughout the years, you may have stored your Christmas decor in cardboard boxes, plastic bags or containers. However, you may have discovered that some of your most precious decorations broke because they weren’t secure. Know this: you can use the following storage ideas to keep your Christmas decorations looking like brand new.

Garland Storage Ideas

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Christmas garland comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles so it makes sense that you’d need a water and tear-resistant garland storage bag that can accommodate it. Use a zippered bag because it will be easier to load your garland. Furthermore, you’ll want a garland storage bag that includes a carabiner hook inside. Why? Because you can easily hang your decoration and slide the bag over it and zip it up.

Keep in mind that garland storage bags will protect your Christmas garland from dust and crushing. You can either hang them up or store them with your other holiday decorations. And when Christmas comes around the following year, you can easily take out your garland. You can drape it around your entryway door using a garland hanger or wrap it around your stair’s railing and secure it with garland ties. You’ll decorate your home in no time!

Gift Bag and Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

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Do you shove your Christmas gift bags and wrapping paper into plastic containers? How about paper bags? Or maybe you put it in the back of your hall closet. Instead of doing this, use a gift wrap storage bag that zips. You can store your wrapping paper, bows, gift tags and organize your gift bags, tape, and more quickly.

Our ultimate gift wrap storage bag features two removable mesh-top bins for extra bow storage and a variety of mesh pockets for accessories such as scissors, tape, and more. The straps hold the wrapping paper rolls (even double rolls) in place. The ultimate gift wrap storage bag is made of heavy-duty polyester with water-resistant PVC backing to protect your wrapping paper. Since it’s on wheels, you can easily store it away for next year!

Miscellaneous Christmas Storage Ideas

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If you have small holiday accessories, you’ll want to use a Christmas accessories storage bag to ensure that you don’t lose any of them. For instance, in the pouch, you can store extension cords, hooks, Christmas light timers, remotes, and even small Christmas lights. The zipper closure makes it easy for storage and retrieval of items. Instead of having your Christmas accessories scattered all over your home, keep them together. This way you won’t have to rummage for them when it’s time to decorate.

And the same goes for your Christmas lights. Store them in a Christmas net light storage bag to prevent breaking and tangling. All you do is put them in the bag and zip it up for safe keeping for next year. Say goodbye to tangled lights!

Multi-Use Storage Ideas

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If you have hard-to-store Christmas decorations, you need a storage solution like our multi-use Christmas storage bag. It accommodates Christmas garland and odd-shaped decorations such as snowmen, jars, and more. The zippered top keeps decor dust-free, and the mesh pockets secure smaller items like stockings. For extra organization, consider using three lift-out storage trays. They can hold your Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations and keep them neat and tidy.

And since the multi-use Christmas storage bag is on wheels, you can roll it where you want it – perfect for packing and unloading. The padded handles make it easy to lift, too. Designed of water-and tear-resistant woven, you’ll get many years of convenient holiday storage.

Finally, our ultimate rolling storage chest can protect your holiday decorations, home accents, and more from dust and damage. It holds up to 100 lbs. (25 lbs. per shelf) and features a two-way zippered door, door strap, three handles, and I.D. tag. Accessing your items will be simple and easy!

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Ornament Storage Ideas

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Organize and protect your Christmas ornaments with ornament storage boxes! For instance, a 3-drawer Christmas ornament storage chest opens from the top and front and gives you easy access. It features durable cardboard dividers to let you store 72 ornaments up to 3″ diameter. The hook-and-loop closures secure the front flap, and the longer carry handles make the ornament storage box easy to transport.

In addition to storing ornaments, our water- and tear-resistant small adjustable Christmas storage box can hold snow globes, tabletop Christmas decor, and more. The label window makes quick identification easy. And our rolling adjustable ornament storage box (wheel where you want it) with adjustable cardboard dividers fits most Christmas ornaments. Each ornament storage box has a tag slot so you can identify what’s inside.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Storage Ideas

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Our outdoor Christmas decor storage covers make tearing down and storing your holiday decorations a cinch. They fully cover your decorations and are coated to protect from moisture and residue often found in an attic or garage. The medium outdoor Christmas storage bag has an opening at the top. You can slide your decorations in and seal them with the drawstring that’s at the top. It also has an exterior pouch for holiday accessories and an ID tag so you can identify your outdoor Christmas decorations.

The extra large outdoor Christmas storage bag is perfect for larger decorations. Why? Because it pulls over the top and has a 45″ zipper and drawstring to close at the bottom. Next year, all you have to do is unpack your decorations from your outdoor Christmas decor storage covers. You’ll decorate your home in no time!

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

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A convenient way to store your artificial Christmas tree is with the TreeKeeper™, which fits most hinged trees 7′ to 9′ tall and their stands. However, if you have a fuller-shaped artificial Christmas tree, you may want to use a large girth artificial Christmas tree storage bag. It’s extra wide can hold a tree that’s 7-1/2′ – 9′ tall. Both the TreeKeeper™ and large girth artificial Christmas tree storage bag start out as a tree skirt, then pull up and over the tree to become an artificial Christmas tree storage bag. Attach to your existing Christmas tree stand and let it sit throughout the holiday season as a tree skirt. When it’s time for storage, remove your decorations. Next, open the skirt, pull-up on the handles, and compress the tree inside as you raise the bag over it. Use the handles and carry your artificial Christmas tree into storage.

Finally, the EZ Roller Christmas Tree Storage Bag (fits most standard-size artificial Christmas trees) makes taking down your artificial Christmas tree easier. Disassemble your tree and place it in the bag. You’ll find an interior pocket for your tree stand and an ID holder for labeling. Our exclusive wheel fenders keep the bag in the correct shape, so it quickly rolls along your floor. The two carrying straps make lifting the EZ Roller Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag easy, and the bottom handle makes it easy to roll away for storage.

Christmas Wreath Storage Ideas

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Protect your Christmas wreaths with a 24″ Christmas wreath storage bag that has zip-in inserts for added protection. The interior strap keeps your wreath in place. And, of course, the clear PVC window and ID tag holder make the contents easy to identify. A D-ring at the top of the Christmas wreath storage bag makes it easy for off-season storage, water- and tear-resistant too!

Double Christmas wreath storage bags give you the convenience times 2! The zip-in inserts provide added protection, and the adjustable strap inside keeps the wreaths in place. The double bag has an inner divider with clips for securing each wreath and is 10″ deep. What’s more, the double Christmas wreath storage bags have a padded handle for comfortable handling. It’s simple to hang with the D-ring at the top and easy to identify with the I.D. tag holder.

Lastly, our heavy-duty hanging wreath storage bag and multi-use storage bag will keep your wreaths and Christmas decorations protected and organized. Both fit conveniently into a closet and can be easily accessed via the zippered door. Just imagine being able to take out and put away your holiday decor without the pain of having to lug boxes in and out of an attic or basement. Decorating for the holidays will be a snap!

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Use Christmas Decor Storage to Keep Decorations Looking Good

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Imagine that you’re ready to take down your Christmas decorations. Instead of panicking about how to pack them, all you do is get out your various holiday storage solutions. Once you’re finished, your Christmas ornaments, tree, wreaths, and just about all of your Christmas decorations will be ready to store away for next year. It’s that simple!

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