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Shoes, shoes, shoes! Sneakers, flats, boots, heels and more – when it comes to shoes, there is no shortage of styles and sizes, and as it turns out, there are just as many options for storage for shoes. We have some shoe organizer ideas for you.

Shoe Storage Ideas That Are Just the Right Size

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Whether you have an impressive or a more practical-sized shoe collection, you can easily be overwhelmed by the shoe storage options. We’ll break down some shoe organization options and help you choose the best shoe storage for you.

Entryway Storage for Shoes

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Do you kick off your shoes at the door or have kids that do this? If so, entryway shoe storage options may be best for you. A bench with shoe storage offers a nice entryway piece; plus, you then have a place to sit while putting on your shoes before you go outside. A hanging coat rack also works great for hanging shoes. Just place each shoe on one hook and your coat rack is now a shoe rack. Hang it close to the floor to differentiate its use.

A revolving shoe rack or vertical shoe tree offers another option by the entryway; put it next to your coat rack for symmetry. The spinning feature makes it easy to use for people of all ages and for guests who may wish to take off their shoes before entering your home. A narrow shoe rack that fits next to your door without causing intrusion is another great entryway shoe storage option. This is especially great in the winter for snowy boots or guest shoes who are visiting for the holidays. Be sure to put an absorbent doormat underneath to catch the melting snow.

Closet Storage for Shoes

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Putting your shoes away in a closet keeps them out of the way, but just tossing them on the floor in a heap is not good for the shoe or your sanity! Closet shoe organizers come in hanging varieties, over-the-door shoe hangers, racks, etc. You can even customize a shoe rack to the size of your closet with tension rods. Stagger the rods for heels or place evenly for sneakers and flats. Consider the size of your closet and the size of your shoe collection to figure out the best shoe storage option for you.

The over-the-door shoe storage option keeps shoes off the floor while saving space. But a hanging shoe organizer with cubbies takes up space on your closet rack. If you have a closet with plenty of hanging space, this is a great option.

Shoe cubbies, racks or benches on closet floors work great too. They fit a variety of styles and many pairs as well. However, they take up floor space, so if you use a walk-in closet, they may not be the best fit. Boot hangers are also available so you can store your boots upright, keeping their shape. Another great closet tip is to put a shoe shelf or utilize molding at the top of your closet for fancy heels. That way they stay out of the fray and remain nice. Plus, on the few occasions, you need them, you will know exactly where they are!

Space-Saving Storage for Shoes

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Whether you live in a small space or just don’t want your shoe storage monopolizing your rooms, there are plenty of space-saving shoe organizer ideas to consider.

Use vertical space. A corner rack or vertical shoe tree works great. It uses that corner space that is typically ignored while also taking up vertical space. Store your nice shoes near the top and it becomes a piece of artwork. An old, rustic, wooden ladder works great for this shoe storage idea because shoes can be placed on the steps or heels can hang off of them, all while looking great in your living room! Substitute a wooden pallet instead of a ladder for another great shoe organizer idea that looks great too. The slats are the perfect fit to hold a pair of shoes.

Utilize hidden storage options. Storage ottomans are fabulous options for hiding away shoes and saving space. If you can’t find an affordable option that has shoe compartments, you can make your own with some fabric and a staple gun. Just make fabric pockets around the interior edges of your ottoman that are wide enough for shoes. Of course, you can just toss your shoes into a regular storage ottoman for a very quick and easy shoe storage option.

There are a number of under-the-bed storage options that work great for shoe storage too. Storage bins come in many sizes so they work great, or make a sliding shoe drawer using a large, old picture frame. Place shoes on the back of the frame and easily slide it in and out. Tuck an over-the-door pouch storage organizer under your mattress, pop in your shoes, put on a bedskirt and you now have a hidden shoe organizer!

Seasonal Storage for Shoes

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You have shoes for all seasons, but you don’t need them all out at once. Make a clean break from your off-season shoes by packing them in a storage bench. While storing shoes, keep them in a climate-controlled area. Too much heat or moisture will damage your shoes or cause a funky odor. During seasonal storage, use rolled cardboard or shoe trees to help your shoes keep their shape. This is especially important with boots or they will crease. Tip: Save the silica gel packets from your shoe boxes and add these to your shoe storage bins. They will wick away moisture.

Are you Prepared to Store Your Shoes?

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Hopefully, these ideas have you inspired to keep your shoes organized. Once you’re in the habit of using your preferred shoe organizer idea, it will become second nature. Plus, you’ll always know where to find your shoes!

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