Spring/Summer Home Maintenance Checklist: 10 Things To Do To Get Your Home Ready

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. And that means plenty of activities to keep you busy. From BBQs and pool parties to baseball games and golf outings, summer is always jam-packed with things to do. But you also have to make time for maintenance and the things that need to be done around the home this time of year. Improvements put together a spring/summer home maintenance checklist to help you prepare.

Prepare Your Home for Spring and Summer

With the change of season, it is a great time to appraise your situation. Take inventory of your home and figure out what you need, what you don’t and what improvements you can make. It is also a great time of year for routine maintenance of your home. This handy spring/summer home maintenance checklist will help get you started and get you ready to truly enjoy summer this year. Some make some lemonade and get started!

Say Goodbye to Winter

Put all of your winter items away! Pack up the flannel sheets, put away the winter clothes, snowman decorations and whatever else you still have lying around! Make room for your summer clothes and fun summer decorations. Bring out the iced tea pitcher and hang up a clothesline in the yard to take advantage of the spring breeze and summer heat. Plus, you will save money by not using your dryer.

Do a Deep Cleaning

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This is a time-consuming task but you will thank yourself once it is done. Clean your house from top to bottom, every room too, from the attic to the basement. This is a great time of year to make sure nothing moved into your attic or basement during the winter months. If you find any critters, deal with the problem immediately. You can read more on spring cleaning and pest control to get some fantastic tips.

Make Sure Your AC Works

Call the HVAC company and have them out pronto! They can service and tuneup the air conditioning unit at a much more cost-efficient rate before the hot weather settles in. If you wait until the throws of summer and your AC goes out, you will pay a much higher fee to have a technician rush out. Doing it now, you can schedule for when it’s convenient for you and make any needed repairs before you need to use the appliance. This is also a great time to change your AC and furnace filters too! If you need to replace the unit, look into an energy-efficient model. A lot of utility companies or cities offer discounts for upgrading to energy-efficient appliances.

Inspect Your Home for Winter Damage

Roofs and siding can easily be damaged during the winter months due to snow accumulation and the subsequent moisture. Inspect siding and roof shingles for post-winter rot. Look for missing shingles and cracks or crevices around the chimney. Power washing the house is a great idea and will bring to light any problem areas with paint or damaged exterior. Also, check your outdoor spigots and irrigation system to ensure it is in working order after a long winter. Repair the damage immediately.

Wash Your Windows and Clean the Gutters

This is the time of year you want to be able to open your windows and enjoy the fresh scents of spring. Remove the storm windows if you have them. Clean the window screens and breath in that fresh air! Being closed for months, windows will develop a layer of dust and need a good, thorough cleaning. Also, check the sealant around your windows and check for any sign of leaks or water damage. Repair any damage.

Next up on the home maintenance checklist, clean all of the debris out of your gutters. With the spring and summer showers on their way, you want to make sure your gutters are clear and ready to handle the rainwater. Check out our blog on gutter cleaning for more tips and to make sure you stay safe while accomplishing this task.

Clean the Outdoor Furniture, Grill and Summer Gear

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Spring and summer is BBQ season. Prepare the grill early so it is ready to cook on the first warm day. Buy a new or refill your old propane tank and hook everything up to make sure it’s all working. Check the starter button to make sure the grill ignites. If you use a charcoal grill, get that ready too. Clean it and buy new charcoal. If you need some tips on the proper way to clean your grill, visit our blog for BBQ Cleaning Tips.

Get your outdoor furniture out of storage and hose it down. Wash your outdoor cushions too and hang to dry or dry flat. Thoroughly look over cushion for any damage or bug infestations. They can provide a warm place to live depending on where you store them during the offseason. Clean your patio floor too with these great tips.

While you’re at it, get out the golf clubs, baseball equipment and the like and give it a cleaning too. Oil up the baseball mitt and polish up your putter! Now you are ready for some summer fun as well as checking off the mundane items on the home maintenance checklist.

Get Your Summer Tools Ready

Gas up the lawnmower and check its engine to ensure it’s ready to do its job. Clean and sharpen any blades as well. (Be very careful.) Inspect your weed whacker and edger and clean off any old mud and debris. Get out your gardening tools and inspect for damage, as well. Clean them, lubricate any springs or hinges, and prepare to plant this year’s crop. Do you have all of the essential gardening tools? Here’s what we consider the 7 Must-Have Gardening Tools and Their Purpose

Start Landscaping Plans

Even if your climate isn’t exactly ready for planting just yet, you can put a landscape plan together. Budget out the cost for do it yourself and compare it to that of a professional firm. 

If you are able to start pruning, weeding and planting, then go for it. Choose the best plants and tree options for your climate and this time of year. Landscaping should be well thought out in advance of getting started. Here are some Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas.

Decorate for Warm Weather

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Now that you have your cleaning and maintenance done, it’s time to get out your summer decor and have a little fun. Or choose a new theme for this summer and buy some new fun decorations for your patio or 3-season room. Add a bit of summer flare to your kitchen, bathroom and living room too. Area rugs and door mats are a great way to add some new seasonal decorations to your home and outdoor living space.

Make a Summer Budget and Plan for Fun

With all of the activities that summer brings about, it is important to make sure you don’t break the bank doing so many fun things. List out what you have to do (and compare with this home maintenance checklist) and estimate costs. Prepay for as much as you possibly can, and be realistic. By preparing your budget early, you will be able to fit in more activities. Stick to your budget too. If you can’t afford to do it all, that’s OK. Summer is a great time for free activities too. The park is great for free fun. Enjoy a picnic or a read a book under a tree. Take your dog for a walk or volunteer at an animal shelter, camp, zoo, etc. for some more free fun.

Let’s Get Some Items Checked Off That Home Maintenance Checklist!

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Summer is the time for fun! So make sure you are really ready to kick it off in style by getting some of these non-fun tasks from this home maintenance checklist out of the way now. It always pays off, in the end, to be as prepared as possible in the beginning. Plus, with preparation, you can better deal with the unexpected that will undoubtedly pop up along the way.

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