Spring Cleaning Checklist – Where to Start

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If the concept of spring cleaning is new to you, you might be wondering “what is spring cleaning?” and “where do I start?” The good news is that with this spring cleaning checklist, you can clean out the dirt of winter and get ready for a fresh start in summer, without getting overwhelmed. Whether you are tackling your bedroom, cleaning your kitchen, organizing your closet, cleaning the floors, treating your deck or even spring cleaning a kid’s bedroom, this spring cleaning checklist is generic enough to give you a good start.

Getting Started

  • Start small. Choose one area that you want to tackle and do not move on until you are done. It’s ok if your spring cleaning takes multiple weekends to complete – you only have to do it once or twice per year, so make sure it’s a thorough job.
  • Enlist help. If you have roommates, a spouse, or kids that are old enough to help, don’t take the entire project on yourself. Ask for help, get advice, assign jobs, and let others follow through and assist you in the spring cleaning projects around the house.
  • Gather your spring cleaning supplies:
    • Exciting & go-get’em type of music
    • Easy to prepare meals for you and your helpers so you don’t have to break in the middle of cleaning to prepare anything
    • Old cleaning clothes (with pockets)
    • Plenty of trash bags for sorting and throwing away
    • Label maker & markers
    • Clear packing/shipping tape
    • Storage boxes, totes & bins
    • Cleaning supplies
    • If the kids aren’t old enough to help, a good babysitter
    • Camera & photo paper (or regular ink jet paper)

Cleaning The Area

  • After you have chosen an area, clean it out completely. This means that you will remove items from the floors, take items off of shelves, and create yourself a clean workspace.
  • Separate all of the items into garbage bags, donation boxes, storage boxes, and keep boxes.
  • Put the garbage bags in the trash cans. Put the donation boxes in the car (if you have enlisted some helpers, have one of them drive to a donation center right away to drop them off – and don’t forget to get a receipt, you can probably write off the donations at tax time).
  • Pull out the camera and take a photo of the items that are going into the storage box. Group like items together either by room or by function. Print the photo out on your printer.
  • Place a piece of clear packing tape on the top and side of the storage boxes. Mark on the tape what is inside the storage boxes and tape the photo onto the box so you can see it when it is sitting on the shelf. Place the storage boxes in the basement, closet, or attic. Set the “Keep” boxes out of the way until you are ready to put them back in the room.
  • Remove linens. This includes bedding, curtains, tablecloths, etc. Start them washing so you can replace them when the rest of the room is finished.
  • Dust everything from the ceiling to the baseboards. Use a high reach cleaning kit to get the ceiling, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Wash the windows with a glass cleaner and, if possible remove the window screens and hose them off.
  • Wash walls, shelves, furniture, light fixtures, remotes, etc.
  • Use a furniture polish to shine up wooden furniture.
  • Replace the vent filters & the smoke detector batteries throughout the home.
  • Clean out your fireplace with a fireplace vacuum.

Organizing Items

  • Purchase bins, totes, baskets, hangers, and anything else you need to store items in your newly cleaned rooms or closets.
  • Take the Keep boxes and go through them. Clean anything that needs to be cleaned and discard anything that you don’t want.
  • Put the bins, totes, baskets, hangers, and even loose items away. You can put things in drawers, on shelves, in closets, etc. Anything that will be stored on the floor should be set aside until the floors are cleaned.

Finishing Up

  • Vacuum carpets, sweep hard floors and give proper floor treatments to the various floors you are dealing with.
  • Replace linens.
  • Put away any last items that are still sitting out.
  • Plug in or spray an air freshener in the room.
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