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Spring cleaning your bedroom will be one of the most rewarding cleaning tasks you do. For some people, the bedroom is more of a sanctuary where they can go to escape the rest of the goings-on in the home, but for others, it’s a place where clothes are thrown around in a hurry, shoes are kicked under the bed and drawers become a holding station for just about anything that winds up in the room. Here’s a bedroom cleaning checklist to help you transform your room from an unorganized mess to a clean, organized retreat.

Clean the Bed
Take your dirty sheets and pillow cases off of the bed and wash them. While your mattress is exposed, use your vacuum attachments to clean the mattress. If you have standard pillows that can be washed, put them in the washing machine for a good cleaning (do not wash them if they are feather pillows and be sure to read the label to make sure your pillows can handle the washing machine). Now is also a good time to clean out anything that is under the bed.

Clean Out Your Drawers
Go to your room and remove anything that doesn’t belong there and place it in the correct location. Open up your nightstand drawers and clean them out. Make sure you completely empty the drawers so you can wipe them down before putting the items back.

Open up your dresser drawers and remove all items of clothing. If your clothes have been stuck in there for a long time, throw them in the wash or take them to the dry cleaners to freshen them up. Before returning clothes to their drawer, organize them by style so you have a t-shirt drawer, undergarment drawer, shorts drawer, etc. Make sure you fold the clothes nice and tight before placing them back in. When you get to your ever-dreaded sock drawer, take a seat and pull out all of your socks. Take the time to match them up and roll them together. Place the dingy, holey and one-offs in a basket and put them with your cleaning rags or toss them out. You’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel when your sock drawer is organized.

Clean the Lights
If you have overhead lighting, wipe off the lights with a damp cloth and take out the bulbs so you can wipe them off (it’s important that you wait until the lights are cool – don’t touch a hot bulb…ouch!). If you have high ceilings, you can use a high reach cleaning kit to remove your bulbs and to wipe down your lights. Clean your lamp bases, lamp shades, and the bulbs. Replace any burned out bulbs if you haven’t already done so. Take a look at your cords – you might have to wipe those down as well.

Dust & Clean Your Bedroom
Begin dusting at the top of the room. If you have a step ladder, pull it out so that you can reach the ceiling with your dust rag. If you don’t have a step ladder, you can get a high reach cleaning kit or put a rag over the head of a broom and dust the ceiling. Begin with the ceiling corners, and work your way along the entire ceiling. Dust the ceiling fans and ceiling air vents. Replace your air vent filters.

Start to work your way down the walls, beginning at the top and making sure to get the crown molding, framed art, photos, mirrors, and anything else that is hanging on the walls. Remove your drapes and, if they can be washed, put them in the washing machine, otherwise put them in the dry cleaner basket.

Wipe down doors, closet doors, doorknobs and handles.

Vacuum and dust the window blinds, sills, screens, and window corners and finish off by working your way down the rest of the wall. Dust all furniture in the room.

Use glass cleaner to wash your windows inside and out. If your outside windows are too high, use a Telescoping Washing Brush to reach them. Take down the screens and scrub them as well. If you have wood furniture, use a furniture polish to wipe them down. With a damp rag, wipe down all of the walls. Be careful – if your walls were painted with flat paint, the paint may wipe off. Test on a small section behind a piece of furniture before you begin this step. Scrub any floor boards with a gentle home cleaner.

Clean the flooring.
The type of flooring you have will determine how you clean the floors. If you have carpets or rugs, use a good vacuum to go over the entire room, including underneath the bed. Use a vacuum attachment to reach all the nooks and crannies that are collecting dirt and dust. If you have hardwood floors, use a broom and a wood-safe cleaner.

Finish Up Your Bedroom Spring Cleaning
By the time you make it all the way to the floor, most of your laundry should be done. Complete your bedroom cleaning checklist by:

  • Hanging up the curtains and draperies.
  • Folding your laundry or hanging it in the closet.
  • Make your bed
  • Replace the smoke detector batteries
  • If you want to, you can place a vase of fresh flowers on the dresser, or plug in an air freshener to freshen up the room.

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