Small Living Room Ideas: Multiple-Use Furniture for Small Spaces

Living room with the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed, Papsan Swivel Chair, stool, bookcases, and rainbow area rug

Furnishing a small space like a living room may leave you feeling frustrated. Why? Because you may not know what furniture to use to maximize your space. The key is to use multiple-use furniture. These are pieces that you can use two or more ways. For example, a bench with a lid can be use used for seating and the space inside for storage. Furthermore, you could remove the bench cushion and use the piece as a coffee table. We’ve compiled a list of small living room ideas featuring multiple-use furniture that you can use to furnish your small space. You may be surprised by the functionality of some of them!

Multiple-Use Furniture for Small Spaces: Top Small Living Room Ideas

The following small living room ideas can make your small space appear larger than what it actually is. Remember, it’s important to have staple pieces of furniture that will last throughout the years.

5-in-1 Ottoman Bed

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Our newest arrival is the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed. This multi-use furniture piece can be used as an ottoman, bed, chair, chaise, and recliner. How cool is that? If a family member or friend is in from out-of-town, all you have to do is convert the 5-in-1 Ottoman to a guest bed. You simply lift the backrest all the way forward until clicks are no longer heard (this unlocks the locking mechanism) and lower the back to a flat position. Then you pull the end flaps up and lift the top cushion upright. Pivot the support leg on the bottom cushion and lift it up and out to open. Fold the bottom cushion out and rest the support leg on the floor and lower the center seat section. Finally, attach the two end flaps to the frame with the embedded magnets. Within minutes, you can have a guest bed for your houseguest, or even for you.

Popular Wicker Storage Trunk

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Another small living room furniture piece is the Poplar Wicker Storage Chest and Trunk. It has built-in handles and a lift-off lid, making the storage trunk ideal for use as a blanket chest or unique coffee table with hidden storage. It folds down flat and sets up quickly for fast and attractive storage. Even though you may use it in your small living room, you can also use it as a piece of furniture in your small bedroom. Don’t use an ordinary cardboard box for storage when you can use the Popular Wicker Storage Chest and Trunk, which you can double as a table.

Chatham Crackle Console

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The Chatham Crackle Console can be a contemporary addition to your small living room because it’s a dramatic, attractive sideboard with two display shelves and four storage drawers. It’s perfect for books, dishes, linens, mail, or even dining items. Just imagine the modern, stylish look this double-wide coastal-style, dining side table will add to your home. Because of the antique bronze-finish cup drawer handles and a cream-painted antiqued surface, your family and friends will think you spent thousands of dollars for it. Only you will know the truth!

Recliner Side Table

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Our Recliner Side Table is specially designed to fit your small, tight living room space. When you place it between the wall and your recliner, the side table offers you a slide-out tray with faux leather inserts in both front and back. This unique piece of living room storage furniture has storage that can be accessed while you’re reclining. The front storage compartment features an adjustable shelf, plus a reversible door with a magazine rack. The back of the side table has another magazine rack and storage cubby, all easily accessible when you’re in a reclining position. So, go ahead and kick back and relax. With this clever side table, you’ll still be able to reach your remote and snacks.

Essex Tilt Shoe Bench

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The Essex Tilt Shoe Bench is perfect for your small living room. Why? Because it doubles as a shoe organizer and offers you and your guests a place to sit. You can store up to nine pairs of shoes (up to women’s size 10 and men’s size 12) across three rows. You may consider adding comfort and style to the shoe bench with our Twill Tufted Bench Cushions or Chenille Tufted Bench Cushions.

Leather Recliner and Ottoman

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In your small living room, you can enjoy the elegant look and luxurious comfort of the bonded leather (made from leather fibers combined with other materials for the look and feel of genuine leather) Recliner and Ottoman Set. With its solid wood base, soft foam cushioning and supple bonded leather covering, this recliner and ottoman set is the perfect spot to relax after a hard day. The recliner swivels 360 degrees for easy mobility even in tight spaces and has a built-in headrest. The coordinating ottoman is sleekly styled and slanted for leg comfort. Everyone will gravitate toward this comfy, stylish living room chair.

Sara Swivel Stand

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The Sara TV Stand with Swivel Top lets you enjoy your entertainment center from anywhere in your small living room because you can easily adjust the placement of your TV with a simple swivel. Store your electronic components on the top open shelf. The interior shelf features two adjustable shelves for even more living room storage.

Fold-Away Buffet Table

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Our Fold-Away Buffet Table is there when you need it, then hidden away when you don’t. The Fold-Away Buffet Table is convenient and sturdy and easy to move and maneuver. Entertaining in your small living room will be simple and easy! If you’d like, you could fold and store the Fold-Away Buffet Table until your next event. Or leave it year round.

Tray Table with Drawer

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Our classic Tray Table with Drawer is the perfect living room storage furniture. Just pull the tray table up to your chair or sofa; the U-shaped base slides underneath furniture to bring the tabletop up close to you. Bring it near you when you’re watching TV or using your laptop or tablet. The tray table also includes a drawer, perfect for stashing the remote, some pens and pencils, your puzzle book, and other items. You’ll appreciate having this Tray Table in your small living room.

Optimize the Space in Your Small Living Room

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Multiple-use furniture is a great way to maximize your small living room space. Not only can you create a stylish look, but you can create the illusion of having a bigger space because you can use fewer pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures. And keep in mind that you may use some pieces as bedroom furniture, so you may want to get two of each.

Use our small living room ideas to furnish your space. If you know someone who could use these tips, share this post with them so they can make improvements to their home, too.

With multiple-use furniture the possibilities are endless!

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