Small Kitchen Storage Furniture Must-Haves

Do you have a small kitchen that could use some extra storage space? Our Hampshire Collection of small kitchen storage furniture can help with that. In this post we’ll show you how to use kitchen storage units that really pack a punch when it comes to offering plenty of stowing space without taking too much of your precious square footage. You can use one or all of these small kitchen storage ideas depending on how much room you actually have. You can even arrange them in different areas around your kitchen since they are multi-functional. Don’t be afraid to get creative! All of the small kitchen storage pieces we showcase are constructed of wood composites for extra strength and some are even available in walnut finish. Now…let’s dive into the art of small kitchen storage.

Small Kitchen Storage Furniture Must-Haves: The Microwave Cart

small kitchen storage ideas microwave cart

Anything with wheels is ideal in a small space since you can roll it where you need it. Don’t carve out space for your microwave on your counter when this kitchen microwave cart has the perfect home for it. It’s deeper than most on the market–it can accommodate a 16″D microwave– and sits flush against a wall without taking up too much floor space. Don’t stress if your kitchen storage unit blocks an outlet on the wall; we’ve installed two 3-prong outlets and 2 USB ports in the cabinet! Two doors open to a shelving area for storing microwave-safe mugs for heating water for tea and containers for reheating meals. A top shelf holds smaller odds and ends like tea bags, cleaning supplies, and more.

Use the top of the kitchen cart to hold decorative items such as a few scented candles and a vase of flowers. An added bonus, a rolling kitchen cart makes cleaning your kitchen a breeze. Just roll it away from the wall to sweep, mop, and dust, and roll it back when you’re done, making sure to lock the wheels to keep it in place.

Small Kitchen Storage Furniture Must-Haves: The Pantry Cabinet

small kitchen storage furniture pantry cabinet

The Hampshire Corner Cabinet can even be used as a bar to store glasses, shakers, bottles, and other barware. If you decide you no longer need it in the kitchen one day, it can even function as craft room storage for neatly holding all your paint, markers, paper, yarn, sewing supplies, and more. Just adjust the shelves as needed!

Small Kitchen Storage Furniture Must-Haves: The Hidden Trash Cabinet

small kitchen storage furniture trash cabinet

A rolling trash cabinet neatly hides your trash can so it doesn’t have to sit in sight and mess with the clean look of your organized kitchen. A pull-out top drawer features a spacious area for trash extra bags and smaller grocery bags. Four wheels make it easy to transport if you need to move it out of the way or pull it close to you. You can even chop food on top and enjoy easy access to the wastebasket for your discards. The best thing about this kitchen storage unit? It’s finished on all 4 sides. Place it against the wall or let it sit alongside the kitchen island. Wherever you place it, your guests will never be able to tell there’s a trash can inside and will think it’s just a stylish kitchen cabinet.

More Ideas: The Tall Pantry & The Double Storage Cabinet

small kitchen storage ideas kitchen pantry kitchen cart

All you need is 2.5 ft. of extra space in front of your wall to use our tall pantry cabinet (shown at left). This storage superstore is loaded with cubbies and cabinets for your stuff of all sizes. On the bottom, double doors have an adjustable shelf for hidden storage. The top adjustable shelf has glass doors for showcasing accessories like decorative cake stands, framed photos, or your favorite China. Use the open storage compartment for a microwave, coffee maker, or blender. This kitchen storage unit also has two 3-prong outlets to plug in your kitchen appliances and 2 USB ports so you can always stay connected built right in.

A 2-door kitchen storage cabinet (shown at right) is a jack of all trades and can be used in any room in your home. For kitchen use, let it hold mixing bowls, small appliances, and even cookbooks. The top drawer is perfect for organizing your kitchen appliance manuals, loose recipes, and even hand-written ones. Set your mixer and favorite cookbooks on the top surface. And you can re-purpose it later if need be as a TV stand in a guest room, a supply storage cabinet in a craft room, and more.


More Ideas: The Mobile Cart & The Wrap Hutch



small kitchen storage ideas kitchen cart wrap hutch

Finish off your small kitchen storage ensemble with a mobile cart (at top). It comes in handy for those that often follow recipes on a laptop with its fully extending shelf. Do all your prep work on the top surface as you easily consult your favorite recipes in front of you. The bottom drawer can hold cookbooks and other recipes.

A wrap hutch adds vertical storage on a wall which is music to anyone with a small kitchen’s ears. Hang hand towels, magazine cookbooks, and more from the metal bars for easy access. The top shelf can hold spices and the cabinet provides extra room for napkins and even cleaning supplies.

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