Small Bathroom Ideas–DIY Bathroom Cabinet Decorating

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Are you on the hunt for small bathroom ideas? If so, small-space bathroom furniture like a pedestal sink bathroom cabinet is a great option for you. You get the extra storage you need without having to overhaul half of your small bathroom. You also won’t have to mess with expensive construction and plumbing.

And if you want to give your new bathroom storage cabinet a little more personality, try dressing it up with contact paper or window film! It is super easy to do, and we will show you how. We used window film with the look of stained glass to match our light fixture and tie the entire space together. (Note: For the white bathroom cabinet, the film is okay because it is slightly see through. If you choose the walnut bathroom cabinet, contact paper that is opaque is a better option.)

Small Bathroom Ideas–What You’ll Need to Decorate Your DIY Bath Cabinet:

DIY bathroom cabinet

  1. Contact paper or decorative window film of your choice
  2. Tape measure
  3. Tape (We used Scotch® tape, but you can also use any other lightweight tape)
  4. Ruler
  5. T-ruler
  6. Pencil
  7. X-Acto knife or cutting blade
  8. Firm surface for cutting (We used an old aartboardI didn’t mind getting scratched)
  9. ID card (library card, grocery card, credit card; any firm card will do)

Small Bathroom Ideas–How to Decorate Your DIY Bath Cabinet Step 1:

Measure the width and height of the inset on your bathroom cabinet door.

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Small Bathroom Ideas–How to Decorate Your DIY Bath Cabinet Step 2:

Tape down your contact paper or film to your firm surface. Now use your ruler and pencil to measure and mark the width and height of your bathroom cabinet inset on your firm surface.

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Small Bathroom Ideas–How to Decorate Your DIY Bath Cabinet Step 3:

Use your T-ruler to make sure your cuts will be straight. Cut against your T-ruler down and across your marked lines.

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Small Bathroom Ideas–How to Decorate Your DIY Bath Cabinet Step 4:

Start by peeling away a small section of the backing of the contact paper in the top corner only. Now align it with the top corner of your inset on your bathroom cabinet. Then slowly pull away the rest of the backing paper. Press your credit card against inset of the bathroom cabinet to smooth out any air pockets. Continue pulling the backing from the paper and smoothing out air pockets until complete.

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Now, step back and admire your new small bathroom cabinet!

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4 comments on “Small Bathroom Ideas–DIY Bathroom Cabinet Decorating
  1. Tricia says:

    What a clever idea! Curious… will the contact paper or decorative window film stick to cabinet surfaces that have a slight textured? Thanks for your help!

    • Cory Brinkley says:

      Thank you! It should still stick the textured surfaces but you might get some loose edges. You can use caulking or hot glue around the edges to secure them once the film or paper is on your cabinet. Just make sure your surface is clean and free of particles as those will affect the stickiness of the film or paper.

  2. Christian Peoples says:

    Loved what you did with your cabinet! Would that look good on the dark wood door?
    I can’t say that I saw the same cabinet as yours but kind of identical to yours at and I would definitely try this out.

    • Cory Brinkley says:

      You can most definitely do this to a dark word door but I would find something more opaque. This was a transluscent window film that’s used to give a window privacy without blocking out all the light. You might want to look for something closer to contact paper when trying this on a dark surface.

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