How To Paint Your Face like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Are you a fan of Disney’s Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas? After all, Jack Skellington and Sally are two of the most beloved animated characters in a film. Since we created a Jack Skellington easy makeup tutorial, it made sense to create one for Sally. So, here’s our Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas easy makeup tutorial!

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Supplies

  • Pale blue face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Medium blue face paint
  • Makeup sponge
  • Artist paint brush
  • Red wig

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Directions

Step One

Secure hair back and use a sponge or brush to fill in the face, neck and chest area with a pale blue face paint. Grace, our makeup artist, used Moonlight White face paint (it’s a pale, pale blue). When you brush on the face paint, avoid the eye socket area up to the eyebrow.

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Step Two

With a brush, make your eye outline in black face paint, and fill in with white face paint.

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Step Three

Next, using an artist’s brush, take a medium blue and color around the lined eye area slightly outside the black line, all the way around. Add a bit to the tip of the nose, too. Next, make your eyelashes.

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Step Four

Use a black eye pencil to outline the mouth. With a brush, make your stitching seams along the side of the forehead and upper cheek, across lips, and the chest area. Put a black dot on each eyelid.

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Step Five

Next, fill in the lips with a ruby red. Add a red wig!

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Are You Ready to Turn into Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Now that you know how to paint your face like Sally from Disney’s Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, you can dress up as her for Halloween. However, before you apply the face paint, test a patch on a small part of your face or neck to make sure you’re not allergic to it. If you don’t react, go ahead and paint your face like Sally’s. Furthermore, find someone to dress up as Jack Skellington, and you’ll make a hauntingly good-looking couple.

If you know someone who’s obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas, share this Sally easy makeup tutorial with them via email or your favorite social network: Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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