Pest Control: How To Remove Stink Bugs From Your Home

Stink bug

Stink bugs really do stink. And having them invade your home is not enjoyable for anyone. However, you’ll want to remove stink bugs from your home without squashing them. When the bug is smashed, its foul odor is released. So what is the best way to remove stink bugs from your home and how do you get them out if they do get it? At Improvements, we have the pest control answers.

Make Your Home Stink Bug Free

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Stink bugs are large oval or shield-shaped flying insets that produce an unpleasant odor from glands on their abdomen. Scientists suspect the odor is a defense mechanism but is also apparent if the bug is crushed. Stink bugs are common throughout all of North America, particularly the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard, and often find their way into homes in search of warmth. They hibernate during winter months, but you may notice a few as soon as the weather breaks. Preventing stink bugs from entering your home is your best course of action, but you can also safely eradicate or remove stink bugs if you find yourself dealing with the unwanted houseguests.

Prevent a Stink Bug Invasion

Tear in a screen, wasps, and scented dryer sheet

Stink bugs enter homes through cracks or holes in screens. Around late summer or early fall, before it gets too cold, thoroughly inspect your home for any stink bug access points. Close up any cracks or openings that you find. For cracks around doors or windows, seal with caulking. If you have any gaps under exterior doors, seal with weather stripping. Another pest control tip is to use a screen repair kit on any screens with holes or tears. You may need to replace the screen entirely as well. Make sure the seal on the screen is securely fastened.

Shore up any openings around utility pipes, chimneys or beneath roof overhangs. Stink bugs like dark places and these place often have hidden crevices for them to enter your home. Add mesh screens over air vents, chimneys or other openings that allow stink bugs to enter your home.

Stink bugs are averse to certain smells. Use these as a great pest control method. They hate the smell of scented dryer sheets, so wipe down windows, screens, and doors with them. Stink bugs stay away from their own stink. Because their odor is a defense mechanism or released upon death, when other stink bugs smell it, they steer clear. By killing a few stink bugs outside your home, you can prevent the appearance of more stink bugs – at least for a short time. Stink bugs also do not like the smell of garlic, mint or catnip. Plant it or spread it around your garden, flower beds and windows to keep stink bugs away.

Wasps are a natural predator of stink bugs. Plant wildflowers to attract wasps who will then, in turn, eat stink bugs. Of course, you’ll have to consider which bug is worse, a wasp or a stink bug?

Serve Stink Bugs an Eviction Notice

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Even if pest control fails or you already have stink bugs in your home, you can get rid of them without causing a big stink.

One surefire method to rid your home of stink bugs is to vacuum them up whenever you see them. However, if you choose this route, throw the bag into an outside garbage can immediately. This method is not ideal for anyone with a bagless vacuum cleaner as it can cause the appliance to become infected with their obnoxious odor.

Trap and kill stink bugs in a homemade trap. Cut an empty 2-liter soda bottle just above the label, cutting off approximately the top one-third of the bottle. Wrap the bottom of a bottle with black electrical tape and place an LED light at the bottom. Take the cut-off top of the bottle and place it upside-down into the larger portion of the bottle, creating a funnel. If the sides of the bottle are slippery, cover them with masking tape so stink bugs have traction to climb up. Stink bugs will be attracted to the light, and, therefore, will fall into the bottle. However, they won’t be able to climb out again. Leave the trap out overnight. In the morning, dispose of stink bugs by flushing them down the toilet or toss the whole trap away. Use a long object to turn the LED light on and off if need be.

Knock stink bugs off drapes, walls, ceilings, etc. into a bucket filled with a mixture of mild dish soap and water to kill them. Dispose of the dirty water.

A traditional bug zapper is actually a great way to kill stink bugs. The immediate electrocution of the bug does not allow time for the stinky odor to be released.

You can remove stink bugs from your home without killing them by catching and releasing. However, if you have a large population of stink bugs, this is going to be a tedious pest control process. Also be sure to release them far enough away so they don’t just end up back in your home!

Are You Ready to Remove Stink Bugs for Good?

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Once you remove stink bugs from your home this spring, remember to focus on preventing them from entering your abode in late summer or early fall. Secure your windows, doors and any cracks before stink bugs try to enter. They’ll do so as soon as the temperature drops so be on the ball. Prevention is key when dealing with stink bug home invaders.

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