How to Protect Dining Room Chairs from Kids and Pets

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Kids and pets bring so much joy into our lives, but they also bring so much mess! This can be especially true when food is involved. At Improvements, we have some ideas on how to protect your dining room chairs from kids and pets.

Keep Your Dining Room Chairs in Tip-Top Shape

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Whether you’re having a formal dinner party or just a family dinner, you don’t want anyone to sit on stained, dirty or scratched dining room chairs. Protect them from spills, messes, and scratches with dining chair seat covers.

Protecting Fabric Dining Room Chairs

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Furniture covers come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Dining seat covers are easy to find and are much more affordable than replacing your dining room chairs. Place them over the fabric portion of the chair and tie around the legs or back for easy installation or adhere them directly to the fabric seat. The plastic or vinyl seat covers protect chairs against food, crayon, mud or anything else your children can get into.

If you can’t find a size or style that works for your dining room chairs, easily make your own fabric dining seat protector. Purchase vinyl fabric or plastic sheets from your local craft store. Remove the cushion from the chair by unscrewing the seat from the wood frame. Measure and cut the fabric, but leave plenty of extra for folding over. Pull tight and fold over the cushion. Ensure there are no bubbles or odd creases. Staple the vinyl or plastic into place. When buying plastic sheet covering, make sure it is thick enough to withstand sharp objects, like silverware or fingernails.

Protecting Wood Dining Room Chairs

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Wood chairs are safe from spills since they will wipe clean. But they are at risk of scratches. Protect them with washable chair pads or use a wax protectant or coating. Do not use silicone polishes as they tend to attract more dirt and dust buildup. The wax polish offers some protection but the dining room chairs are still vulnerable to nicks and scratches. If one does occur, you can use mayonnaise to buff it out because it is most likely just in the wax. (Don’t knock the mayo until you try it! It really works.) Of course, you can always add another coat of wax polish. However, the best way to protect against scratches is to prevent them. But that is easier said than done!

Pets and Dining Rooms Don’t Mix

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One surefire way to protect your dining room chairs from your pets is to keep your pets out of the dining room! Pet gates work perfectly for this purpose. Use them during training to teach your pet boundaries or keep them on hand at all times. There are many decorative gates available that you can even leave out as part of your home decor.

If you allow your pets into the dining room, keep your dining room chairs and table protected by keeping pet nails well groomed. Nail covers are available for both dogs and cats. They are small plastic or rubber covers that you can put on your pet. Deter pets from getting on your dining room chairs with compressed air or a shake can. Fill a can with pennies and shake it when the pet is doing something you don’t want it to. Training and making sure your pets have plenty of toys of their own will help keep your dining rooms chairs looking like new!

Are Your Dining Room Chairs Safe?

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No matter what option is best for you, it is important to protect your dining room chairs from everyday accidents and wear and tear. They should last many years. By protecting them with seat covers, cushions or wax polish, it will prolong the life of your dining room table and chairs.

If you have any more tips or ideas for protecting your furniture, we’d love to hear them. Please share in the comments.

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