Craft Project: DIY Patriotic Wreath

4th of July Decorations-DIY Patriotic Wreath

Here’s a quick and easy DIY 4th of July decoration. This patriotic wreath is the ultimate in Americana decor because it combines Old Glory with the tried-and-true bandana – the symbol of cowboys everywhere.

How To Make a DIY Patriotic Wreath

Happy Fourth of July! Below are the supplies and directions you’ll need to make this festive holiday wreath.

DIY Patriotic Wreath Supplies

To make this holiday patriotic wreath you will need the following items, which can be found at most craft stores:

  • 18” Metal Floral Wreath
  • 18 Bandanas: 6 Red, 6 White, and 6 Blue
  • Metal Stars (The exact number doesn’t matter: you’ll want around a dozen so you can sprinkle them on the blue section of the flag wreath at the end)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun

DIY Patriotic Wreath Directions

Step 1

Cut each bandana in half so you end up with two rectangles. New bandanas are often folded when packaged, so simply follow the fold that’s already there. Otherwise, just fold in half and cut along the fold you create.

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Step 2

Starting with white, bunch up a bandana half and place it in a V shape beneath the wire floral wreath. The point of the V should be on the outside of the circle. Make sure the ends are the same length, then put them together and pull through the V, making a knot (you will be knotting around all the rows of wire). Repeat with a red bandana. Alternate white and red until all the bandanas are used. Scrunch the red and white bandana knots as closely together as you can. You will need the remaining one-quarter of the wreath for the blue bandanas. Now you’ve made the stripes!

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Step 3

Repeat with all the blue bandanas, making knots until they’re all used up. Use the glue gun to attach the stars to the blue area. Have fun with this! The stars should look scattered and random, not uniform. Remember, this is Americana art you’re creating!

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Step 4

Hang your new 4th of July decoration on your door with pride! If you don’t want to use a nail, try one of our over-the-door wreath hangers or magnetic wreath hangers.

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