Patio Lighting Ideas: Create the Mood You Want

Outdoor living space with wicker patio furniture

Did you know that lighting plays a role in the design of your outdoor living space? Not only does it add to your patio’s functionality, but it also creates an atmosphere, from warm and inviting to cold and harsh. Plus, there’s the sense of security you can get from having the right amount of lights. Keep reading to get patio lighting ideas that will make your outdoor area shine.

Top Patio Lighting Ideas

Battery-Operated Outdoor Table Lamp

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Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be over-the-top, it can be simple and easy. For example, you could use a battery-operated outdoor table lamp. If you should lose electricity, you can count on this lamp to provide you with up to 150 hours of battery LED light. Since the outdoor lamp is weather-resistant, you can use it when the conditions outside are less than desirable. The resin wicker base looks like real wicker and will be a stylish addition to your patio.

Edison Bulb String Lights

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Do you love a vintage style? If you do, weather-resistant Edison bulb string lights will turn your outdoor living area into a hot spot. These patio lights have an adjustable drop length, so you can string them straight across or create an uneven effect. You and your guests will want to stay as long as you can under the glow of the soft light.

Lamp Post Lights

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Perhaps you’d like to create a Cape Cod or Victorian look for your patio. You can get it by adding a lamp post. That’s right! It’s a patio lighting solution that doesn’t require you to dig an electrical or gas line. Choose the best place for your lamppost, plug it in, and move it whenever you want. It’s that simple and easy!

Outdoor Lamp

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An outdoor lamp is a classic patio lighting idea. However, you’ll want to get one that’s UL-Approved. A waterproof cord will allow you to place the patio lamp where you want it, and a clear glass dome will shield and seal the bulb from getting wet. Not only will an outdoor lamp add light to your patio, but it will also provide style and sophistication.

Furnish Your Patio with Light

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Imagine spending a weekend afternoon or starlit evening on your patio. Perhaps you’ve created a tropical vibe with glass pineapple hurricane lamps. Or maybe you’ve hung string lights to create a festive mood. Whatever your choice, your outdoor living area is brightly lit for you and your guests during your get-togethers. All because you’ve incorporated patio lighting ideas.

Keep in mind that your patio is an extension of your home and adding patio lights to it will enhance the outdoor living space. Just choose lights that suit your style, and you’ll have a charming area to drink a cup of coffee while reading your favorite newspaper or magazine or host a small gathering.

If your patio is in the dark, lighten it up today with a few of the patio lighting ideas mentioned in this post!

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