Pantry Storage Shelves for Small Kitchens

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Whether you’re storing bulky items from a superstore or organizing your canned goods and pre-packaged food, the fact is some small kitchens just don’t have enough storage space. Whether you’re looking for help organizing your pantry or you want to learn how to create your own DIY pantry, the following pantry storage ideas should help get you started.

Pantry Shelving Ideas: Metal Tier Pantry Shelves

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If you need extra space in your pantry, space-saving corner heavy duty storage racks will give you three extra layers of much-needed shelf space. Organize spices, pasta boxes, condiments, food storage containers, dishes – the list is endless. Depending on how high your pantry shelves are, you can also use 4- or 5-tier shelves for even more pantry storage. Many tiered shelving units come apart so you can adjust them for your specific needs. Don’t you hate it when your canned goods are stacked in your pantry and you can’t see what you have? Then you pull them out, one can at a time, just to discover that the can you’re looking for is no longer there…that’s frustrating! Canned food storage shelves allow you to neatly organize your cans so you can see exactly what you have stored in your pantry. Plus, when you remove one can, the remaining cans slide forward so you don’t need to go digging next time you make delicious tomato soup!

Pantry Shelving Ideas: Adjustable Pantry Shelves

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Installing adjustable pantry shelves is a great idea if you’re constantly moving things in and out of your pantry. They’re also ideal if you’re not sure how tall your pantry shelves are – simply adjust these shelves to the height you need and start stacking! Since they are adjustable, they can be used on multiple pantry shelves to hold a variety of items. Tracks can be easily installed on the walls of the pantry, with brackets to hold the shelves in place. Adjusting the pantry shelf to the correct height is simple – just remove everything from the shelf, pull the bracket out and slide it up or down. By using an adjustable pantry shelf, you don’t have to make all of your organizing decisions right now. If you decide to use taller food storage containers in the future or to store a small stack of plates in the pantry, later on, you can simply adjust the height of the shelves and maximize your pantry storage space.

Pantry Shelving Ideas: Pantry Bookshelves

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Although bookshelves are made specifically for books, you can have a lot of fun using them as a pantry. If you have an open space against a wall that could be used as a pantry, set up a nice set of bookshelves. Line them around the walls, making sure to anchor them to the walls as you go. As you organize your food items, leave spaces for vintage cookbooks as home decor, as well as cookbooks that you use on a regular basis. You can also add decorative baskets, plaques, and other kitchen décor to the very top of the bookshelves.

Pantry Shelving Ideas: Add a Lazy Susan

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When small pantries have tight corners that are difficult to reach, that valuable space becomes unusable. By installing a Lazy Susan your previously unusable space can now store spices, condiment bottles, kitchen tools – all kinds of smaller pantry items. This will really utilize the space that you’ve got, and you won’t forget about the items shoved in the back. If there’s a gap between the Lazy Susan and the back of the pantry, use a lazy Susan with a backstop to keep items from falling off the back.

Pantry Shelving Ideas: Create Your Own Pantry in a Small Kitchen

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If you don’t have a pantry in your small kitchen, why not DIY and create your own customized pantry with one of these pantry shelving ideas?

Rolling metal storage racks are super durable and perfect for holding heavier kitchen items like canned food, heavy cookbooks, and even small kitchen appliances. Since these metal storage racks have wheels, you can roll them out when you need to use your heavy appliances and roll them back into place when you’re done. Depending on how much space you have in your small kitchen, metal pantry racks come in a variety of widths and heights. Use a tall, narrow pantry rack if you are really short on space, or a wider pantry rack if you have an empty wall or larger open area. Choose a fun color like red to add personality to a white kitchen or go with a silver or white pantry rack if your kitchen is already full of color.

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If you don’t want your pantry items to be displayed for all of the world to see, use a tall pantry cabinet that has the finished look of a built-in pantry with handy life hacks like a built-in outlet for small appliances and a USB port for charging your phone. Several compartments and shelves will store your fine china, cleaning supplies, and even decorative items like plants and candles. The bottom cabinet doors are solid so your guests won’t see inside unless you want them to.

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For additional storage, use pantry storage baskets to organize all of your canned goods, extra spices and jars. These pantry storage baskets are encased in mesh frames and the drawers pull out so you can easily access your items. Stack pasta boxes, cookies, packaged goods, etc on top of the storage baskets to utilize every bit of room on your pantry shelves. Do you know how to find even more storage space in your pantry? Pantry roll-out floor shelves make use of the large space at the bottom of your pantry. Just roll out the pantry storage shelf to retrieve what you need, and slide it back in its place when you’re done.

Pantry Shelving Ideas: Custom Built Pantry Shelves

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If you’ve got no pantry shelves at all and you are certain that you want a permanent solution, custom-built pantry shelves might be the way to go. Whether you are the diy type and are going to find a tutorial online that will walk you through building the shelves, or if you want to hire someone to do it, you can get pretty creative by customizing the space. One side of the pantry could have taller shelves for storing large items like cereals and large food storage containers, while the other side could have shorter shelves. You could add slats for storing baking sheets and serving platters. Depending on the size of your pantry, you could leave some open shelf space for larger kitchen tools such as mixers, blenders, etc. Take an inventory of what you need to store in your pantry and get creative with your pantry storage unit.

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