Easy Zombie Makeup: How To Paint Your Face Like a Zombie

Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Listen to this: zombies are everywhere. They’re in comic books, graphic novels, movies, and TV shows. You know what that means, don’t you? They’re a popular Halloween costume for kids and adults! And you know what else? You’ll need an easy zombie makeup tutorial to achieve a bloody, undead face that will look wicked cool. Read on to find out how to paint your face like a zombie.

How to Paint Your Face Like a Zombie

Easy Zombie Makeup Supplies

  • Flesh tone make up
  • Charcoal color or charcoal matte eye shadow
  • Stage blood
  • Sponge or artist’s paint brush
  • Stippling sponge
  • Wig

Easy Zombie Makeup Directions

Step One

Using a sponge or paint brush, apply flesh tone makeup all over the face, neck, lips, and eye area. Make sure to give the eyebrows a layer, too.

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Step Two

Next, fill in the eye socket and under eye area with a charcoal color. You may use a matte eye shadow.

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Step Three

Shade in the mouth crease, hollows of the cheek, neck, and a bit of shadowing on the forehead.

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Step Four

Use a stippling sponge to add the stage blood to complete the goriness.

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Step Five

Put on a scary or nasty looking wig!

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Use This Easy Makeup Tutorial to Paint Your Face like a Zombie for Halloween

Just wait ’till you try this DIY easy zombie makeup tutorial because it’s a fun and creative activity for your entire family. And if your friends or neighbors are having family-friendly Halloween costume parties, your family can dress-up like zombies. Just imagine: you may win a prize for best costume. It could happen!

Do you know someone who’s obsessed with zombies? Share this easy makeup tutorial via email or your favorite social networks so your friends and family can learn how to paint their face like a zombie.

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    wow looks scary! thanks fot the great idea! that’s what I was looking for

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