Gotham Steel Bakeware and Cookware

Merchant’s Corner: Get the Recipes Tracy P. and Her Kids Made With Gotham Steel Ceramic Bakeware and Cookware

Tracy P., a Merchant at Improvements, shares with you one of the coolest lines of ceramic bakeware and cookware she’s come across: Gotham Steel Collection.

She says, “They’re great because no oil or butter is needed. They’re perfect for those who are health conscious. My kids, Ava and Drew, like to help out in the kitchen and try new recipes, or even make up their own. Keep in mind there are many reasons why the experts say that you should cook with your kids. For example, “children who cook become children who taste, and sometimes eat.” Or, “children who cook say “I can” instead of I can’t.”

Tracy wanted to try Gotham Steel Ceramic Bakeware and Cookware because the commercials resonated with her 7-year old daughter. She just had to try one of their pans so she thought she’d get out their kitchen tools and make a few recipes with the Gotham Steel Cookie Sheet, Muffin Tins, and the 9 1/2″ Fry Pan.


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