Laundry Room Storage Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

Small laundry room ideas

We all know that laundry day can be a bit of a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be when you employ laundry room storage ideas that actually work. Use laundry room carts, cabinets, and shelves that provide smart storage so all your supplies are right where you need them when you need them. Whether you have a generously sized laundry room or a small laundry room, you can benefit from a few of these unique laundry room ideas. All of the Hampshire products shown below are constructed of wood composites for durability and some also come in a walnut finish in addition to white.


Laundry Room Storage Ideas: The Tall Cabinet

" "Both small laundry rooms and more spacious ones will love our tall storage cabinet. Using vertical storage is a great way to make the most of your space without overcrowding it and this unit is just 2.5″ deep. Use it next to your washing machine or place up against the opposite wall. The upper laundry rooms shelves with clear double doors let you see what you’ve stored for easy and quick retrieval. The lower cabinet area offers space for large bottles and even a small trash can and the open storage surface is perfect for setting your hot iron and displaying decorative items.

This unique laundry cabinet also features a built-in outlet with 2 3-prong plugs and 2 USB ports so you don’t have to worry about blocking an outlet. Plug your phone into the USB port to charge it as you listen to music on laundry day!

Other Ideas: The Trash Cabinet & The Wrap Hutch

" "Want even more laundry room storage ideas? Try a trash cabinet that discretely hides your waste and offers a top drawer for extra bags and other small items And if you have space to spare on your wall, a wrap hutch holds hung towels and offers storage space for smaller laundry supplies.

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