Unique Ideas for Using Kitchen Drawer Organizers

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Everyone knows what a hassle it is to need a particular kitchen utensil and not be able to find it. We dig through kitchen drawers until we can’t dig anymore and still don’t find what we need. The good news is that with a little know-how, you can use kitchen drawer organizers to put everything in its proper, easy-to-reach place. Not sure how to accomplish that? The following ideas should get you started.

Kitchen drawers tend to collect all the clutter. If you don’t have a home for something, you might toss it into a drawer until you find a spot for it…which never seems to happen, right? These 3 simple, yet incredibly efficient kitchen drawer organizers will get you started on decluttering your kitchen and simplifying your daily routine.

  • Utensil kitchen drawer organizers for everyday silverware, serving ware, and cutlery.
  • Wire baskets to store silverware, snacks, baking goods, even rubber bands.
  • Plastic containers, with or without lids, for paper clips, silverware, snacks, plastic ware, baking ingredients, etc.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers Idea #1: Use Utensil Organizers

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Probably everyone you know has had a utensil organizer sometime in their life. There are cheap utensil organizers from thrift stores and there are more expensive ones from department stores. The basic idea is that with these kitchen drawer organizers, you have a specific place for your forks, knives, and spoons. A typical utensil drawer organizer has about six compartments and will keep each type of utensil separate from the next. If you want to store additional cooking tools like kabob spears, spatulas, kitchen shears, etc you will need to get a utensil drawer organizer that expands or is already extended with more than six compartments. And don’t think you can only use one utensil organizer in the kitchen. Purchase a second one to store your food prep tools like potato peelers, herb shears, fruit brushes, hand graters, zesters, etc. Buying Tip: Before you purchase a utensil organizer, make sure you measure your drawer so you know it will fit – especially if you’re going to buy the expanded style. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a beautiful, wood utensil organizer with multiple compartments just to discover it isn’t going to fit in your kitchen drawer.

Most people don’t consider putting their spices in a kitchen drawer and instead, opt for a spice rack of some sort. However, if you have a small kitchen with limited cupboard space or if you’re just tired of pulling out the step stool every time you need to reach the second cabinet, a spice organizer for your drawer gives you easy access to all your favorite flavor enhancers and clearly display all the labels.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers Idea #2: Work in Some Wire Mesh Storage Baskets

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If you’re looking for an alternative to typical utensil organizers, consider purchasing wire mesh storage baskets to organize your kitchen drawers. Before buying the storage baskets, the following preparations will need to take place.

  1. At home, lay out everything you’re going to store in the kitchen drawer on the table or counter to see what you have.
  2. Throw things away that are broken or donate things that you don’t need.
  3. Arrange items by what kind of utensil or kitchen tool they are and what size they are.
  4. Measure inside each kitchen drawer that you are organizing so you know what size storage baskets you can put in them.
  5. Write down or take pictures of the items you have organized into groups so you will have an idea of what size baskets you will need for those items. For example, if you are storing corn holders in the kitchen drawer, you will probably need a smaller basket than you would for your napkin rings.
  6. Using the measurements of the drawers, the list of items, and the baskets you have settled on, draw up a diagram to be sure that what you decided on will work. Label each “basket” that you draw with what you will put in it so you do not double up on your diagram and so you’ll have an easier time putting it together.

After you have done your measuring and your diagram, you can purchase the wire mesh storage baskets in the sizes that you need and organize your kitchen drawers.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers Idea #3: Employ Plastic Storage Containers

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Plastic storage containers are another way to easily organize your kitchen drawers. Many plastic storage containers come in sets, but you can also buy them separately based on your organizational needs. Take an inventory of what kitchen items that you need to organize and determine how many containers you will need. If you find storage containers with lids, you could consider using the lids to keep little fingers away from your sharp tools. If you would rather not use the lids, store your container lids in a drawer so when you go on a camping trip, you can simply grab the containers out of the drawer, snap the lids on, and put them in a bag to take with you. And speaking of plastic containers, your food storage containers can end up making a big mess in even the most spacious drawer. No one likes a sea of mismatched lids and different-sized food containers that don’t stack and take up prime storage real estate in your kitchen drawer. Thankfully, handy inventions like food container organizers for drawers solve this problem and neatly organize your plastic storage containers and lids for easy retrieval.

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