Kids Halloween Party Games

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Throw the best Halloween party on the block with these fun Halloween party games for kids. Our Halloween party staff has put together a collection of spooky and fun Kids Halloween Party Games like Mummy Wrap Relay, Grave Keeper and more. These Halloween games are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party and they will keep your ghoulish little guests occupied before going out and trick-or-treating.

Scary Story Game

Free Scary Story Cards 
Gather your party-goers into a circle, turn down the lights and use flameless candles. Using a pack of index cards, write a scary phrase on several cards that can be used in a scary story. Once you have several cards ready, pass the stack around the circle and have each guest come up with a scary story from the line on the card for 1 minute. Once their minute is up, they pass the stack of cards on to the next guest who then adds to the story using the line that is on the card that they pulled. Each guest gets one minute to tell their story before the cards are passed along to the next guest. If you can, it’s a great idea to record it so they can listen to it later.
If you’re having trouble coming up with some scary phrases, download, and print out these free Halloween stories.

Eyeball Relay

Set up an obstacle course for the kids. Divide all of your guests into small teams. Give each team a ping pong ball and some paint. Have them paint an eyeball on the ping pong ball. After the ball dries, have each team line up at the beginning of the course and give the first player on each team a spoon and a ping pong ball. The first player must carry the eyeball (ping pong ball) all the way through the course and then hand it off to the next player in line. First team to complete the course with their eye and spoon wins!

Candy Guess Jar

Fill a jar with candy corn (or your kid’s favorite candy) and sit it on a table. Put a small jar next to the candy jar and have each guest write down the number of candy corns in the jar. Announce the winner at the end of the party and give them the jar for their prize.

Mummy Wrap Relay

Divide all of your guests into small teams. Each team has a player that is designated as the mummy and the other team members will be the wrappers. Each team gets 1 roll of toilet paper and whoever wraps the mummy using the entire roll of toilet paper wins.

Grave Keeper

Separate your young party guests into teams and set up some work areas outside. It might get messy, so you might want to throw down a tarp or some towels to protect your yard or patio. Hand out little buckets of dirt to make grave mounds (so they won’t have to dig anything), small, ratty dolls, and if you can find any miniature coffins, wheelbarrows, black cats, shovels, model-sized trees, skulls, fake spiders, webs – anything that you might expect to see in a creepy graveyard. You can spray paint them black and scuff them up a bit if you want these items to look old. Once all of the little grave keepers are ready, you can see who can create the spookiest graveyard in 15 minutes using only the tools that you provide.

Balloon Sweep

Set up an obstacle course for the kids. Divide all of your guests into small teams. Give one broom and one balloon to each team. Each player is to run the course while sweeping the balloon through the maze and return it back to the next player in line. First team to complete the course with their balloon wins.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Divide your guests into teams. Hide skeleton parts throughout your graveyard and as guests hunt for the bones, one team member stays behind and puts the bones together to form a skeleton. If the team members retrieve the same body part twice, they must put it back where they found it and continue searching.

Pin the Face on the Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Game

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What you need

  • Orange poster board
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Small stick pins or tape

Cut a big pumpkin out of orange poster paper. Make his eyes and nose out of black paper triangles and a smile out of black paper as well. Blindfold each child and have them take turns pinning their face pieces onto the pumpkin. If you’re not feeling very crafty, we’ve created a free Jack-O-Lantern printable game complete with all of the game pieces for you to print out.

For even more Halloween party ideas, see our article 7 Fun Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating.

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