Haunted House Ideas: How to Make Your Own Haunted House

Halloween decorations, skeleton pathway markers, shaking skeleton, and DIY hanging ghost

Do you live in a neighborhood where you have a friendly Halloween house decorating competition? Or maybe you like to have Halloween parties. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to check out these ideas for haunted house rooms. Make your home into a haunted house for one night. Who knows? You may win the grand prize in your neighborhood’s Halloween competition.

These Are the Top Ideas for Haunted House Rooms


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Make your entryway scream Halloween! Outside of your home, you could place a bootiful or spellbinding Halloween doormat. You’ll also want to include an animated Halloween prop like stacking pumpkins that emit fog (attach to a fog machine). Their flashing lights and spooky voice will make people think twice about not wiping their feet before entering your home. Pair the pumpkins with a gnarly spooky lighted Halloween tree that will light up your entryway.

On your door, hang a creepy skeleton bone Halloween wreath. And, of course, you’ll want an animated Halloween prop like a butler to greet your visitors with his flashing eyes and spooky voice; he’ll beckon your guests to come inside. However, a flickering Beware sign and floating candles could make them think twice about doing so.

Skeleton Room

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Skeletons are another haunted house room idea because they go hand-in-hand with Halloween. Above your mantel, you could hang a creepy skeleton bone Halloween wreath. Drape the top with color changing garland and place a skeleton on it to complete the look. Fill an urn planter with skeleton bones and place it by your fireplace, and put an animated shaking skeleton in a cage on a table.

From the ceiling, hang an animated ghost that moves up and down, makes spooky sounds, and has flashing lights. You can also hang a shaking Halloween spider that screams. Finally, outside of your window put skeleton pathway Halloween lights with posable arms and lighted eyes. But beware! They may try to crash your Halloween party.

Witch Room

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Now, naturally, you can’t have a haunted house room without a witch. Of course, ours is a wicked fortune teller witch who looks more like an old gypsy woman. She’s another animated Halloween prop that has flashing eyes, makes creepy sounds. But she holds a lighted globe, which gives her that something extra special.

To complete the room and create your own seance area, place the following on the table: a firing lighted crystal ball, animated Halloween crow, LED Halloween witch lantern, and Ouija Board. Don’t forget to drape an eerie Halloween tablecloth or dyed black lace over the table. Outside a window, you can place scary outdoor Halloween decorations like a witch silhouette with a hanging lantern. She’s apparently peeking in to see who she can cast a spell on at your Halloween party.

Zombie Room

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Our last room is, of course, filled with zombies! Just imagine: guests walk through each room and Halloween animatronics like a creepy male and female zombie couple come to life and scare the bejesus out of them. What’s more, you can include a grave rising zombiecrawling zombie, and zombie arms that stick out of an urn planter. You can even dress up your staircase with rattling skeleton bones that that light up.

For a final touch of the heebie-jeebies, hang a lighted, pulsating eyeball Halloween wreath on the wall, place a spooky lighted Halloween tree in the corner, and put an animated Halloween crow on a table. One more thing: your guests who watch movies or TV shows about zombies or read a certain graphic novel about them may think the room is wicked cool.

Use Haunted House Ideas to Create Ghoulish Rooms in Your Home

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Now that you have these ideas for haunted house rooms go ahead and give your home a ghoulish makeover for one night. Keep in mind that you may want to incorporate some DIY Halloween decorations and Halloween window decorations, too. Heck, you may even want to make a graveyard in your front yard. And if you know someone who loves Halloween as much as you do, share this post with them!

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