Small Backyard Ideas–A Bold & Bright Garden Oasis

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Limited space does not have to mean limited use when it comes to your small backyard. Even if you can’t use that 60″ outdoor dining table you dreamed of, you can still put your small backyard to work and create a cozy seating arrangement. Let us show you how to make the most of a small backyard space to get a functional and beautiful outdoor lounging area.

What We Used for This Small Backyard Makeover

  •  2 Outdoor Chairs
  • 2 Sets of Outdoor Cushions
  • 1 Side Table (with an umbrella hole)
  • 1 Outdoor Umbrella
  • Accessories (a couple of books, beverages, etc.)

Small Backyard Ideas Step 1: Choose Your Patio Chairs

Eucalyptus wood is best for outdoor use since it is weather-resistant and durable. Deep seat outdoor furniture is super roomy and cozy and will make you want to lounge all day. For a little extra comfort, choose a deep seat patio rocking chair to add some soothing movement to your relaxation area.

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Small Backyard Ideas Step 2: Add Some Comfy Outdoor Cushions

Choose a fun or more neutral outdoor cushion from our large selection of outdoor cushions. We went with our Madeira Orange outdoor cushion print since its bright color pops against the greenery throughout our outdoor space.

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Small Backyard Ideas Step 3: Pick a Patio Table

This eucalyptus outdoor table has a designated hole for an outdoor umbrella and the natural color matches the eucalyptus chairs. This slatted umbrella base cover is also a good option. It conceals the umbrella base and functions as a small outdoor end table.

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Small Backyard Ideas Step 4: Add Some Adjustable Shade

Choose a smaller umbrella that won’t overwhelm your smaller space and completely cover your outdoor seating area. This 7-1/2′ outdoor umbrella has an easy crank open and close and auto-tilt feature for coverage all hours of the day. It is also super lightweight so you can remove it from the stand when you feel like fully basking in the sun. A Sunbrella® outdoor umbrella and canopy provides cooling shade and the same easy crank and auto-tilt action. Choose the 6′ outdoor umbrella for your smaller space.

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    Small Backyard Ideas Step 5: Accessorize

    Finally, make the outdoor space your own. Grab your favorite reading materials, fresh flowers or artificial plants, and a refreshing beverage.

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    Small Backyard Makeover Reveal

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    We successfully transformed this smaller outdoor space into a functional and cozy backyard oasis!

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      Please let me know where I can order those orange cushions.

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