How to Make Your Best Bed

How to design a dream-worthy bed

Looking for clever bedroom decorating ideas? Start with your centerpiece: the bed. It is the focal point of the room and where you spend a good portion of your time resting and rejuvenating. Here are 6 tips for creating a sleep center that is both dream inducing and stylish.

1. Find Your Mattress Match.

Choose a mattress that works for your body and sleeping habits. If you experience back pain or have in the past, your best option is a firm mattress since it provides the most support and keeps your spine aligned as you sleep. Soft mattresses, which may feel more comfortable, do not provide the support of a firmer one but are a good option for those that like that squishy, sinking feeling when they step into bed at the end of the day. Another option, a memory foam mattress or mattress topper, is a good solution for those wanting a softer surface with more support and pressure relief. Foam mattresses in particular, with their body-contouring capabilities, are recommended for people with joint sensitivity.

2. Add Some Padding.

To protect and extend the life of your mattress, and keep your sheets in place, a mattress pad or mattress cover is essential. Both will keep damage from spills and general wear and tear to a minimum, so you can get the most out of your mattress. You can use one or the other, or both, for superior coverage!

3. Show Off Your Sheets.

Your bed is the feature of your bedroom, so deck it in a pattern, design, or solid color that shows your personality. Don’t forget to take the fabric of your sheets into consideration. Are you a warmer or cooler sleeper?   Flannel is best for those who tend to get cold during the night and cotton sheets and blends like Percale are designed for those who wake up kicking off the covers. Linen sheets are the way to go if you experience a little bit of both as they keep you cool on warmer nights and warmer on chillier nights.

4. Choose a Comfortable and Charming Comforter.

You can either go with a comforter, which is usually sold with matching sheets, or mix and match your linens with a duvet and duvet cover. Comforters are a bit firmer and usually polyester-filled, and duvets are usually filled with feathers or down. For warmer sleepers, consider a printed quilt.

5. Pick the Perfect Pillows.

While most people prefer medium firmness, a soft pillow is recommended for stomach sleepers and firm pillows work best for side sleepers. Side sleepers may also want to consider an L-shaped Pillow, which helps reduce snoring and aligns your upper body. The best pillow for side sleepers looking for head-to-toe support is a full-body support pillow, which keeps your entire body in place in as you rest. Back sleepers should consider firmer pillows, which support the head and neck and are the best pillows for neck pain. And for every other sleeper in between, and those who switch up their sleeping positions, these Density Pillows are available in 2 sizes.

6. Finalize with Some Flair.

Now for the fun part. Put the finishing touches on your bed display with some decorative pillows and blankets. Use a couple of square throw pillows in different colors and then accent them with a printed one as the finishing touch.

Now go get your best night’s sleep!

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