How to Keep Your Pets Safe Outside: Use a Pet Gate & Other Essentials

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If you have pets, they may want to be outside when you’re outside. But during the summer months, temperatures can soar past 90, depending on where you live. This can be dangerous to their health. Before you let your dogs out, make sure you know how to keep them safe. You may think you’re doing everything right. But you may be missing some key essentials. Read on to find out how to keep your dogs safe outside. Be prepared!

These Are the Top Pet Essentials You Need in Your Backyard

Outdoor Dog Bed

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When you’re enjoying your outdoor living space, make sure your pets have a place where they can lie down, other than the grass. Getting them an Outdoor Dog Bed or a Pool & Patio Dog Bed will give them a safe place to sleep. However, if you live in an area where the temperatures rise above 90 degrees, you may not want to put their dog beds on the cement. Why? Because when they get off, their paws will touch the hot pavement. You may want to wait until the evening to let your dogs out, so they can rest comfortably on their dog beds.

Dog House

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Keep your dogs comfortable no matter what it’s doing outside! The Premium Insulated Dog House is made with 4″ foam insulation in each panel, so your pet stays warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer. Add a fan to create extra comfort for your furry best friends. The sloped floor has a drain hole to make cleaning a breeze. The dog house is crafted of heavy-duty taupe/gray plastic and features an easy pass-thru door and self-storing windows that offer cross ventilation in warmer weather. The Premium Insulated Dog House has a solar-powered exhaust fan that attaches to the top of the dog house and keeps your pet cool with an indirect breeze during the day. The floor’s raised, so your dogs will have a dry bedding area.

Pet Gates

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Knowing how to keep your pets safe outside includes realizing that they can escape from your yard if you have open areas. Our Wood Sliding Pet Gate will keep your pups safe on your deck, patio, or porch. No installation is required, so you can simply set the attractive pet gate across an opening to contain your dog. For added security outdoors, loop a length of rope (not included) around the dog gate frame and your deck or porch post. If you have a large home, you may consider getting more than one outdoor pet gate. And if you’d like, you may use the Wood Sliding Pet Gate indoors, too. See that. Outdoors or indoors, you can keep your pets safe.

Portable Pet Playpen

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Let your dogs play outside in the clever Portable Pet Playpen. This safe and see-through playpen for dogs offers safe confinement for your pet. It folds flat for easy transport so you can use it when you travel or go to the park or an outdoor event. The floor is dirt, fade, and water-resistant, so it’s perfect for outdoor use. Let your dogs enjoy their freedom, but keep them safe at the same time!

Dog Screen Door

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Give your pets their freedom with a Dog Screen Door! When your dogs have to go out or follow you outside, they don’t have to bother you. The Pet Screen Door is a fast and easy way to turn your existing standard screen door into a puppy door. Simply fasten the plastic frames on the Pet Screen Door together through your screen, trim around the swinging door, and you have an easy entry that dogs (and even cats) will appreciate. If you don’t want your dogs going out, the Pet Screen Door includes a latch to keep it closed.

Pet Water Fountain

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When your pets are outside, it’s important for them to have access to clean, fresh water. To keep your dogs hydrated, use the Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain or Moretti Elevated Single Dog Bowls (can be used for food or water). The Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain has a free-flowing stream that is circulated through a large charcoal filter to help remove bad tastes and odors. It can hold over 2 gallons of water. The Moretti Elevated Single Dog Bowls are raised, so your dogs won’t need to bend down to drink water. Both solutions will ensure that they have enough water to drink while they’re outside.

Are Your Dogs Safe Outside?

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Imagine that you’re opening your patio door to go outside to sit in your swivel patio chair or water your flowers. Your dogs rush by you, but you don’t mind. Why? Because they have pet beds on the patio that will keep them off of the ground. While you do some work in your garden or simply kick back and relax, your dogs are safe and sound and sleeping the afternoon away. Sound good? Yes, it does!

If your friends and family have pets, email them this blog post. Make sure they too know how to keep their dogs safe outside!

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