How to Hang Outdoor Wall Art

Outdoor wall art

Outdoor wall art elevates an outdoor living space to a whole new level. It’s a thoughtful detail that makes a patio, deck, or porch a true extension of your home. An outdoor wall clock adds a focal point of interest and also helps you and your guests keep track of when it’s time to flip the burgers! The question of how to hang outdoor art is one we hear a lot: what if you want to hang art on a brick or stucco wall, for example? And how do you hang art on vinyl siding? But you can actually hang outdoor wall art, including outdoor clocks, just about anywhere you want to. Here are some steps to help guide you.

Here’s How to Hang Outdoor Wall Art in Four Easy Steps

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Step 1

Determine where you want to hang the outdoor wall art and then clean the wall in the way that’s appropriate to its surface. Be sure and let the wall dry. Now you don’t have to work around dirt or debris that can get in your way.

Step 2

Check the back of your art piece or outdoor wall clock. What type of hanger is on your piece of wall decor? There are three main types of hangers for outdoor wall art: a sawtooth hanger, a keyhole, or a wire. All of these make it simple to hang the item on a nail, hook, or screw. Many of our canvas wall art pieces have brackets affixed to the back. These brackets snap into place on the included screw hooks.

Step 3

Make a decision about using nails or screws. If your wall is wood, like the side of a barn or pool house, or if you’re displaying your outdoor wall art on a wooden post, you may be comfortable using a nail to hang it. Use a screw if the piece has brackets or a keyhole hanger and is meant to sit flush against the wall. If the art piece is large and has more than one keyhole or sawtooth hanger, measure the distance between them. Then use a pencil to make two marks the same distance apart on the wall. You can use a level (many smartphones even include a level app!) to make sure the marks are perfectly level so your outdoor wall art will hang straight. Drive the nails or screws in, hang the art, and enjoy.

Step 4

Don’t want to (or can’t) use nails or screws to hang your art? If your wall surface is anything other than wood, or if you don’t want to put a hole in your wood wall, you’ll need a different option for hanging your outdoor clock or wall art. Your solution will depend on the surface you’re working with.

Outdoor hanging options

Vinyl siding

Don’t let vinyl siding stump you! We have two solutions that allow you to hang your outdoor wall art onto vinyl siding. Our S-Hooks for Vinyl Siding simply hook beneath the siding. The 3 holes in the bracket give you lots of choices for hanging height and method. Our Vinyl Siding Hangers also hook onto the vinyl siding and then let you hang a piece of art right on the edge. These vinyl siding solutions won’t leave a mark or void your vinyl siding warranty and can be moved or repositioned if you want to change up your look.


If your wall is brick, don’t despair! Try a brick clip hook. These metal devices clip on to the brick without making a hole or a mark.

Stucco or Concrete

Did you know that double-sided mounting tape and mounting hooks can hold a surprising amount of weight? It’s true: some of these removable wall tapes can hold up to 5 pounds. Check the weight of your outdoor wall art and see if it is light enough to hang with special outdoor mounting tape. Our popular Metal Sea Art Wall Decor, for example, weighs only 1-½ pounds.

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