How to Hang Outdoor Curtains

How to Hang Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains and shades can make your outdoor living space as inviting as your living room. Here’s an easy resource on how to hang outdoor curtains. At Improvements, we have everything you need to add the privacy and style that patio curtains provide. To start with, we have a variety of outdoor curtains and shades to choose from. Once you’ve decided on the perfect style for you, let’s talk about how to hang them. We’ll start with outdoor curtains and then move on to outdoor shades.

Steps to Hanging Outdoor Curtains

Choose Your Curtain Rods

Outdoor curtain rods-Improvements

Outdoor curtains rods are not the same as indoor curtain rods. Outdoor curtain rods are specially made to withstand the weather without warping or rusting. This type of rod works well in places where walls or posts are already present: If you have a porch or deck with posts, for example, you could attach the curtain rod to those. Follow the steps in our how to attach grommet-top or tab-top curtains. And remember, our tab-top curtains have hook-and-loop closure on each tab so you can set up the rod first and then loop the tabs over it!

No wall or post? That’s no problem. There are a few ways to hang outdoor curtains even if you don’t have an obvious way to anchor the curtain rod.

Outdoor Curtain Rod with Post

Outdoor curtain rod -Improvements

This clever outdoor curtain rod set has everything you need. It’s an attractive, free-standing curtain rod that’s made of powder-coated metal and comes complete with cross bases to support the rods. You can even add privacy to the corner of your yard with this outdoor curtain set! Watch our curtain rod set-up video for step-by-step instructions.

Railing Outdoor Curtain Rod

Outdoor curtain with railing-Improvements

With this railing outdoor curtain rod set, you can hang an outdoor curtain on your porch or your deck that’s exactly the length you want–even if you want the curtained area to only cover part of one side. This railing curtain rod set has brackets that attach securely to the railing posts and rubber feet to protect your deck.

Other Creative Options for Hanging Outdoor Curtains

You don’t have to have a rod to hang your outdoor curtains! You can use a tree branch. Or you can use a sturdy rope for a casual, nautical feel, or even a galvanized metal pipe for a truly rustic touch.

How to Hang Outdoor Shades

Outdoor curtain shades-Improvements

Outdoor shades are an excellent choice for blocking out sunlight or creating a privacy screen. Best of all, solar shades can be retracted when not in use, so there’s no barrier unless you want there to be. Patios, sunrooms, and outdoor porches are great places for solar shades, since the shades filter light and still allow a light breeze. Outdoor shades are specially made to withstand the weather, as is the hanging hardware that comes with them. Outdoor solar shades can be mounted from the ceiling, the wall, or the ends, depending on your preference and the set-up of your outdoor living space. Instructions for how to hang all three of these options are included with your outdoor shade and hardware.

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