How To Hang Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings hanging on a mantel

Hanging a Christmas stocking on the mantel is a treasured holiday memory for many of us. Putting up stockings is such a hope-filled act; no matter our age, we trust that Santa will come. And while we (hopefully) just remember the warm feelings that go with this tradition, there can be an element of frustration, too.

If your Christmas stockings don’t hang clear of the mantel or hang at different heights, we can help. And if you don’t want to put hooks or nails in your mantel, or if you don’t have a mantel at all, we’ve got you covered there, too. Keep reading to learn how to hang Christmas stockings.

How to Hang Your Stockings by the Chimney with Care

Here are our clever solutions and handy tips on how to hang Christmas stockings so all you need to worry about is getting to bed before Santa stops by.

A New Twist on the Stocking Hanger

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Another favorite for hanging Christmas stockings is an over-the-mantel, adjustable stocking hanger. These are individual metal hooks that have a padded underside to protect the mantel’s surface. Christmas stocking holders are a great choice for a growing family or a family who entertains at Christmas because you can add more of these individual stocking hangers as needed. And don’t be fooled by their holiday designs and delicate swirls: these mantel stocking hangers are actually strong steel, with a hook sturdy enough to hold even the fullest stocking Santa brings. Some designs even have an extra hook to attach your Christmas garland. Talk about one-step Christmas decorating!

How to Hang Christmas Stockings if You Don’t Have a Mantel

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Don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten you. If you don’t have a mantel or you don’t have a fireplace, you can still hang Christmas stockings without scattering them all over the house on doorknobs. Hang all your Christmas stockings in one festive and compact location with a Christmas stocking holder stand. Set a stocking stand by your Christmas tree or next to the fireplace: choose a horizontal stocking stand to hold up to five or a vertical stocking stand to hold even more stockings. These durable metal stand-alone stocking stands turn your treasured stockings into an element of Christmas decor.

Need a Christmas Stocking?

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Stocking hanging options won’t do any good if you don’t have a stocking! Start a new tradition with matching Christmas stockings, or make someone new feel like family by giving them a personalized Christmas stocking. We’ve got a variety of options for all sorts of styles. Find one that will become a treasured part of your Christmas tradition.

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