How To Display Christmas Ornaments

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If you have already decorated your Christmas tree and have some ornaments left over, or if you aren’t planning on having a tree this year, there are still some fun ways that you can display Christmas ornaments in your home.

Decorating with Ornaments Doesn’t End With The Christmas Tree

Purchase A Decorative Ornament Tree

Ornament Tree A simple alternative to an evergreen Christmas tree is a decorative ornament tree. You may find a metal ornament tree that is silver, white, or even laced with glitter and lights. As you decide which tree to purchase for your ornaments, you might want to consider the style of ornaments that you have and which tree would look the best displaying your ornaments.

Find A Smaller Evergreen

Artificial Christmas trees do come in various sizes, and if you are looking for a spot to display your extra ornaments, a small Christmas tree might be just what you need. You can put your small tree in an entry way, a bathroom windowsill, or even use it as a centerpiece for the dining room table. Although the tree will be small, your Christmas ornaments will still look fantastic hanging on it.

Use Greenery Creatively

One classic way to display Christmas ornaments without a tree is by hanging them on other forms of greenery. Take a bunch of pine boughs in any length that you desire. Gather them at the base and tie it off with floral wire. With other pieces of floral wire, hook the ornaments to the boughs so that it looks as though the ornaments are cascading down the boughs. With festive wide Christmas ribbon, tie a big bow around the base. Hang the bunch by the base on your front door, at the end of your stair rail, or on an empty wall.

Make A Wreath

Another way that you can display your Christmas ornaments is to create a wreath with them. Purchase a wreath form at the craft store in the desired size. Using a hot glue gun, attach the ornaments to the form as closely to each other as you can get them. When you have covered the entire wreath, finish it off by adding a big bow, either on the top or the bottom of the wreath.

Incorporate Your Chandelier

If you’ve got an elegant chandelier hanging in your home, you can easily display Christmas ornaments there. Using different lengths of festive ribbon, hang the ornaments from the different arms of the chandelier. This might look especially beautiful if you have glass or crystal ornaments that will sparkle in the light.

Decorate The Banister

If you have a banister or railing, you can use your Christmas ornaments to decorate them for the holidays. Whether your banister is along the porch outside or lining the stairway inside, you could wrap the hand rail with an evergreen garland and tie it with garland ties. Every couple feet, you can tie it up with a big Christmas bow and hang one of your ornaments by the ends of the ribbon so the ornament dangles between the balusters.

Glass Bowl Bling

If you have a large glass or trifle bowl, fill it up with all different sizes of ball ornaments. Be sure and keep the look consistent by using ball ornaments that are in the same color tone. Tie a red ribbon around the bottom of the bowl to complete the look.

Don’t Forget The Fireplace

In Christmas decorating, the fireplace often becomes the focal point of the room. The mantel is a great place to add a nativity scene, a snow scene, nutcrackers, and a garland running in between it all. You might hang your stockings on the fireplace throughout the weeks anticipating Christmas. If your stockings are not put up until Christmas eve, you may want to fill those stocking hooks with hanging Christmas ornaments.

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