How to Choose Solar Lights

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When shopping for solar lights, it’s important to match the solar light to the function you want it to perform. Solar Path Lights, Solar Accent Lights, Solar Task Lights, and Solar Spot Lights each will give you different results.

Solar Path Lights

Solar path lights are outdoor lights that you add to your landscape to light pathways, walkways, and driveways. Multiple solar path lights are normally set up in a line to guide the way along a dark path or beside steps and are designed so their light focuses downward. Many solar pathway lights can also double as solar accent lighting for gardens and on patios or decks.

If you have a contemporary looking pathway, 17″-high Color-Changing Solar Path Lights will give you just the right amount of light needed to light your way. They come with 3 light options: cool white, incandescent, and color-changing RGB. You can use the solar landscape path lights four different ways-as a staked path light, hanging light, table top light, or fence cap light.

Line your walkway with a weather-proof LED Solar Lantern with Planter that stake into the ground and emit a glow to line your path or add ambiance to your garden. The solar lantern is multi-purpose and decorative lighted and can be installed freestanding or wall-mounted, or lantern alone can be placed on the included ground stake. The solar lantern needs no tools for installation and features 4 super-bright LEDs, which are powered by the sun and turn on automatically at night.

Solar Lights – Accent Lights

Solar accent lights are used to add a pleasant glow to your landscape or garden. Solar accent lights generally have a lower level of illumination than solar spotlights or solar task lights and are primarily used to highlight an entire area and not a specific path or place. When selecting solar accent lights, it’s important to note that taller fixtures allow light to disperse over a larger area, which will give more illumination to surrounding surfaces.

Solar accent lights typically use amber LEDs which create a softer glow of light than the harsher spotlight of white LEDs. Solar accent lights can be used to highlight garden sculptures, garden waterfalls, and special landscaping features. To get the maximum effect of solar accent lights, it’s best to place several lights close together.

Hang some Mission Style Solar Lanterns from a tree, off Shepherd’s hook or from a fence to add some accented light in your garden or yard. A flip of the switch will give you a candle-like flicker or steady glow. The Mission Style Solar Lanterns won’t blow out because the candle is powered by the sun, with 4 LEDs inside it providing up to 8-10 hours of light on a full charge.

If you want to add some exciting color to your patio or backyard, add some Color Changing Solar Lights that feature 10 crackle-look globes that change color every 4 seconds – creating a beautiful rainbow of color just where you need it most. These color-changing solar lights are entertaining for the whole family – you can even easily install them in your kid’s fort or playhouse.

Made of light-enhancing cracked glass, the Color-Changing Solar Gazing Ball will dazzle you and your guests with seven ever-changing colors, or you can flip a switch to display steady white. This gazing ball solar light sits on top of a gray stone-looking pillar and as it cycles through its rainbow of colors, the light will radiate down onto your garden or shrubbery.

For an ornate solar lighting, you might want to add some solar torch lights, which are relatively easy to install and will look very regal in your garden or along a driveway. Add a Moroccan LED Solar Torch to spice up an otherwise dull area. Use it to welcome people with style if used to mark your entryway. The Moroccan LED Solar Torch is a gorgeous antique bronze that illuminates cool-white LEDs for up to 10 hours. The look completely changes from day to night and stunning either way so leave it out to charge during the day and watch it light up at night.

Solar Lights – Task Lights

Solar task lights are one of the brightest sets of solar lights and are designed so you can angle the light right where you are working. Most solar task lights can be mounted in different configurations and the light can be adjusted to illuminate in different directions. In most cases, the solar panel of the solar task light will be separated from the light source itself so you can put the task light where you need and keep the solar panel in the most sun-filled, optimal space.

If you’re going to leave your American Flag up at night, you’re going to want to illuminate it. Instead of having to flip a switch each day, install a Freedom Flagpole Solar Light that is ideal for residential flagpoles off front porches or decks. The flagpole solar light features a gooseneck design for easy positioning and has a 40 lux output.

If you have an outdoor space that needs lighting, but you don’t want the hassle of installing electrical wiring, add a Solar LED Shed Light to light up your area. The Solar LED Shed Light works great in a shed, boathouse, greenhouse or any other outdoor structure. Simply attach the solar panel to the outside of the structure, hang the LED light inside and connect the two with the included 10′ cable. The LED Solar Shed Light will provide 2 hours of bright light from 24 LEDs.

Solar Lights – Spot Lights

Similar to task lights, solar spot lights are brighter than other solar lights and can be mounted in a variety of ways. It is important to note that solar spotlights will not be as bright as indoor, incandescent spotlights, but should still give you adequate lighting in the area you wish to highlight. Solar spot lights are commonly used in security areas or areas that need to be lit up using motion sensors. Solar spot lights are also used to highlight a particular piece of garden decor either during the summer months or during the holiday season. Solar spot lights generally have a more durable covering than other solar lights.

For more information on solar lights, see our other solar lighting articles: Why Choose Solar Lights and a list of Solar Lights FAQs.

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  1. David Harris says:

    Purchased color changing solarGazing Ball. Need to replace the solar charger, where can I find one?

    • Cyndee D'Agostini says:

      Hi David,
      If you bought the color changing ball recently from Improvements, you can probably exchange it for another. If you contact customer service at 1-800-634-9484, someone can help you. If it’s an older unit, Improvements would not have a replacement solar charger available.

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