Health and Wellness: How to Stay Calm at College

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If you have a college-bound kid, you may be worried about their health and wellness. Why? Because of the pressure to get good grades, fit in, find an internship, and more.

According to a consumer insight from WGSN, “The FOGO (Fear of Going Out) movement is permeating through college campuses, and students are opting for reflective, calming activities that won’t jeopardize their college education.” Some colleges and universities have added meditative areas, gyms that offer yoga and wellness classes, and quiet zones.

Today, college students face even more pressure thanks to social media, which is enough to stress anyone out. To ensure your child’s health and wellness, keep reading to learn how they can stay calm at school.

How College Students Can Stay Calm at College

Even though you’re not on campus, you can make sure your child takes care of their health and wellness. These personal care, home spa items may help them to remain centered and calm.

With the Bed Rest Lounger with Comfort Heated Massage, college students may never want to get out of bed again! This heated reading pillow features vibration massage with 2 intensities and soothing heat, all of which are controlled on the handy panel. The Bed Rest Lounger with Comfort Heated Massage is a reader’s dream! It has a bright, positionable LED reading light attached, a pocket for reading materials, and even a built-in cup holder. This heated, massaging bed support is easy to move, with a built-in handle, included carrying bag, and even detachable arms.

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Whether college students bike, hike, or enjoy water activities, they can listen to their favorite tunes without worrying about their speaker getting wet with the H2GO Waterproof Bluetooth® Speaker. The waterproof IPX6 rating means you can float this speaker in the swimming pool or bath. A receiver and microphone are built-in, so you college student can answer your calls without accessing their phone. No more “I was in the shower” excuse.

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College students can create a home spa and pamper themselves in their dorm rooms with the Aromatherapy Herbal Hot/Cold Therapy Lumbar Wrap. This versatile herbal wrap ties comfortably around most waistlines, providing targeted heat or cold on the lumbar area of the lower back. Microwave it for the full benefit of aromatherapy or use cold for a soothing chill.

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Another versatile massager is the Herbal Hot/Cold Therapy Neck and Back Wrap. It covers from the top of the neck, over the shoulders, and down to the lower back. Tall collar, wider shoulders, and extra herb compartments provide the most comfort possible. The Herbal Hot/Cold Therapy Neck and Back Wrap feels soothing and wonderful on areas of tension, stress, muscle pain, stiffness, or cramping. Microwave it for the full benefit of aromatherapy or use cold for a soothing chill.

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The Aromatherapy Herbal Hot/Cold Therapy Neck and Shoulder Wrap is another versatile herbal wrap that covers the neck and upper shoulders and provides welcome comfort. College students can use it while working at their computer as a reminder to relax their shoulders and neck. Microwave it for the full benefit of aromatherapy or use cold for a soothing chill.

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College students can also soothe their neck and back with the Aromatherapy Herbal Hot/Cold Therapy Back Wrap. It covers from the shoulders down to the lower back and like the other back wraps, you can use it again and again. Microwave it for the full benefit of aromatherapy or use cold for a soothing chill.

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After a hard day of studying, college students can wrap themselves in the Serta® Micro-Fleece Warming Blanket. It’s as cozy as a massage thanks to the soft and silky sable plush on both the face and reverse, which means the comfort is on all sides. Overheat protection shuts off automatically after 10 hours. Queen and king sizes even have dual digital controllers for customized warming zones. College students can surround themselves in warmth and comfort!

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The Serta® Heated Faux Fur Throw is the ultimate in cuddle-comfort because it has luxurious faux fur on one side, silky micro mink on the other. College students will love wrapping themselves in it because the heating feature insulates the body to help keep them comfortable. The four heat settings provide them with customizable comfort. It has an automatic shut-off after four hours, which gives them peace of mind if they forget to turn it off.

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College Students Should Be Mindful of Their Health and Wellness

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Your child’s health and wellness are important, and you may worry about them while they’re away at their college or university.

Giving college students home spa gifts may help them to stay calm; especially when they’re studying for an exam or practicing a speech. And if your student seems anxious, perhaps wrapping themselves in a warming blanket will help them relax. Of course, they’d probably prefer to receive a hug from you. But a heated throw is the next best thing.

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