How to Hang a Wreath

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Nowadays you can display a wreath all-year long – of course, you’ll want to either periodically change the wreath out or, if it’s a plain one, just update it with different decorations for different seasons or holidays. The question of how to hang a wreath is timely no matter what the season. We’re showing you how to hang a wreath on a wall, on a door, and window.

The first step in hanging a wreath is deciding where you want to display it. Here are some options:

  • On a door
  • On a window
  • On a wall
  • On a standing rack
  • On brick
  • On the front of your home
  • On a banister or staircase
  • Indoors or outside…there are a lot of options

Diagram of how to choose a wreath size for your door.

How to Hang a Wreath on a Door

Options for hanging a wreath on a wood door are the same whether it’s indoors or out. Your front door may already have a nail for the purpose, so you can simply hook the back of the wreath to the nail. However, if there’s no nail, there’s no reason to pound one into your door! There are a couple ways to hang a wreath on a wood door without using a nail:

Adjustable Wreath Hanger

" "Use a clever wreath hanger that sits flush against the door and attaches over the top. The sturdy, low-profile wreath hook on Adjustable Wreath Hanger can be used it year round. The sturdy metal hanger is fully adjustable, so you can hang the wreath at the height you desire, and supports wreaths up to 20 lbs.

Metal, Steel or Glass Door Wreath Hanger

If you have a metal, glass or steel door, place a Magnetic Wreath Hanger on the door where you want to display your wreath and simply hang the wreath off of the little hook. The magnetic on the back side of the hanger securely attaches to the door and will hold up to 10 lbs – now that’s a big wreath!

Over-the-Door Wreath Hanger

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Another option for hanging a wreath on your wood door is an over-the-door wreath hanger. This strong metal hook has a bit of a curve, so it hangs clear of door details like decorative panels and a frame around a window insert. The curved design of this metal wreath hanger allows the wreath to lie flat against the door because it bypasses 3D decorative details. It looks lovely with any style of wreath can be used all year long.

How to Hang a Wreath on a Window (or Glass Door)

" "Hanging a wreath on a window gives a beautiful illusion of the wreath floating on the glass. Actually, it’s not magic, it’s a couple of Window Magnetic Wreath Hangers. Simply hang one glass window wreath hanger on the inside of the glass (single pane) and another on the outside. Both magnet wreath hangers have a hook, so you can put a wreath on each side of the glass if you’d like. This sturdy magnetic wreath hanger is backed with protective pads so it won’t scratch your windows.

How to Hang a Wreath on a Brick Wall or Fireplace

" "If you feel like doing a lot of work, you can drill into your brick, install some anchors and hang your wreath. If you choose this method, you will leave a nice sized hole in your brick and you could possibly even damage the mortar. An easier and less destructive method is to snap a spring-steel brick wall hanger into the brick wall and hang your wreath (Note: you will need at least 1/8″ of a mortar recess for the wreath hanger). When you’re ready to remove the wreath, simply unsnap the hanger and save it for later.
Here are the 3 easy steps to hang your wreath:

  1. Attach floral wire to the back of your wreath
  2. Attach a brick wall wreath hanger to your brick where the brick sticks out at least 1/8″ more than the mortar
  3. Hang the floral wire on the back of the wreath over the hooks on the brick wall hanger

How to Hang a Wreath on Siding

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If you have vinyl siding, you might have thought that you couldn’t hang a wreath on the outside of your home. But with Vinyl Siding hangers you can hang a wreath just about anywhere. Just slide the stainless steel hooks beneath your siding, move the hook where you want it and attach your wreath.

How to Hang a Wreath on a Staircase or Banister

" "Use garland ties if you want to hang a wreath on your staircase, banister or a porch fence. Simply hold the wreath where you want it, loop the garland tie around the staircase and through the wreath and twist the ends together.

" "" "If you have any questions on how to hang a wreath or if you want to share where you display your wreaths, let us know in the comments below. We’re very interested to learn the creative ways you all decorate and showcase your wreaths! If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out these Halloween wreath ideas and fun DIY Christmas wreaths.

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