How to Hang Garland

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Hanging Christmas garland may sound like a task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. With so many products to help you hang garland, it can actually become a fun tradition. From the front door to the garage door, and the banisters as well, garland can be spruced up with ornaments, poinsettias, ribbons, or lights, making it a fantastic decorative option for Christmas. Here are some tips on how to easily hang garland.

How to hang garland

How to Hang Garland without Nails

Putting nails in the wall just to hang garland could be a bad idea if you don’t plan to keep it there all year round. Instead, consider two easy, hole-free options to hang your Christmas garland this year.
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Doorway Garland Hanger – A doorway garland hanger is a gadget that adjusts to multiple door widths and gives your garland something decorative and beautiful to hang from, without damaging the doorway at all. You simply adjust it to fit, lock it in place, and hang the garland up. It can be used on indoor or outdoor frames.

Command hooks – Command hooks are made to adhere to most surfaces, providing a secure hold, but are easy to remove without leaving a mark. Place one Command hook in the front center of the door frame. Attach a hook to each top corner of the frame. Drape the garland over the three hooks. If you want to secure it a little better, you can add more hooks down the sides of the door frame so that they hold on to the Christmas garland really well.

How to Hang Garland around a Garage Door

Command Hooks – Command hooks can also be used to hang garland around the garage door. You will need to attach a hook approximately every 3 feet in order to keep the Christmas garland secure.

Large cup hooks – Cup hooks will make small holes in the trim around the garage door, so be sure you won’t mind having holes before you screw in the hooks. Attach one cup hook to the front center of the top of the garage door trim. Going in both directions from the center hook, begin securing cup hooks every three feet until you reach the top corners of the trim. From there, attach a couple hooks down the sides of the garage door trim to keep the garland from getting caught in the door.

How to Attach Garland to a Banister

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Garland Ties – Regular twisty ties would hold up the garland on the banister, but you would spend so much time trying to hide them, that it wouldn’t be worth it. Garland ties work just like a twisty tie, but blend in with the garland. Just twist them around the banister and through the garland and tie them closed.

Wrap it – If you really don’t have any options for hanging your Christmas garland to the banister, you can simply wrap it around. You can do a tight wrap, going in and out between each baluster, or you can make it drape and flow a little more by wrapping it between every four or five balusters.

Ribbon – Attaching Christmas garland to a banister with ribbon is very festive and fun. To avoid scratching the banister, choose ribbon without metal wiring. Use a royal red ribbon that is 3″ wide and hang garland by tying big bows about every 3 or 4 feet along the banister.
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Fabric Cord – Garland twist ties are made of fabric cord – simply loop the cord around the banister and twist the ends together. They come in a variety of colors so you can get one to match your holiday decor.

Rope – If you are going for a more rustic feel, consider tying the garland to the banister with rope. You can attach sleigh bells to the end of the ropes and put some holly berry sprigs in the knot.

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