DIY Halloween Window Decorations

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After you’ve decided on what type of Halloween decor is going in your yard, you’ll want to dress up all of the windows in the front of the house to complete your ghoulish look! Here are some creative and creepy ideas for creating DIY Halloween window decorations.

Bloody Candles

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What you need

  • Tall white candles
  • Tall red candles
  • Black or clear candle holders
  • Lighter, matches or batteries

Purchase tall white LED candles and black or clear candle holders (you can use real candles, but it might be safer and easier to use LED flicker candles – they will give you the same effect as a real lit candle). Light a real red candle and drip the wax onto the top of each white candle so it looks like blood dripping down. You can put one candle in each window sill or 3 per window to really light it up. To make this Halloween window decoration easy to control, you can purchase white LED candles that have built-in timers, a remote control or plug your LED candle into an outlet and use a wireless remote control system to turn it on and off.

Spider Valances

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What you need

  • Measuring tape
  • Lace (1-ft wide x window length)
  • Hot glue
  • Plastic spiders, rats and/or fake bugs

Measure the width of your window to determine how much lace fabric you will need. Head on over to the fabric store, or perhaps even up to your mother’s attic and find a piece of lace that is as long as your window and about one foot in width. Using hot glue, attach plastic spiders, little bats, plastic rats or fake cockroaches all over the lace. Hang it as a valance above the window and you have a quick and easy Halloween window decoration.

Peeking Ghost

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What you need

  • Large white poster paper
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

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Draw a ghost onto a piece of large, white poster paper and cut him out (download these free printable ghost ideas if you need help). Tape the ghost to the inside of the window so that it looks like he is peeking out from the side – so you may want to make him angled as if he were leaning over. Make sure to give him two black eyes and a black circle for a mouth. That’s it!

Spider Webs

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What you need

  • White or silver pipe cleaners
  • Tape or glue dots

This Halloween window decoration would be a great craft for you to make with your kids to get them into the Halloween spirit. Purchase a big bag of pipe cleaners – either white, sparkly silver or a mixture of the two. Begin by bending one pipe cleaner into a circle. Attach five pipe cleaners to that circle so that they extend outwards. Attach each of the ends of the 5 pipe cleaners, one to the next, using another ring of pipe cleaners. You may have to connect more than 5 to make the circle big enough. Add five more pipe cleaners to that circle, extending outwards. Continue this process until the web is big enough to cover your window. Attach it to the window either from the inside or the outside, using tape or glue dots. Once you get the spider web taped onto your window, you might want to fill in some holes by tying on more pipe cleaners.

Giant Jack-O-Lantern

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What you need

  • Large orange poster board
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Tape

Cut a piece of orange poster paper in the shape of a circle to fit in your window. Create a big jack-o-lantern face on the paper using black construction paper and a glue stick. Hang it in the window so the face points outwards and everyone outside can see your giant jack-o-lantern Halloween window decoration! If you’re not feeling very creating, download and print out our free Jack-O-Lantern templates.

Reverse Silhouettes

What you need

  • Black poster paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Cut a piece of black poster paper to the exact size of your window. Draw different Halloween shapes onto the paper, including bats, stars, moons, and pumpkins. If you’re not into drawing free-hand, we’ve put together some Halloween images that you can print out and trace onto your paper. With sharp scissors, carefully cut out the shapes. Hang up the poster paper in the window with tape so that the lights from inside the house will illuminate the shapes at night. You can save the cut-out shapes and use them in another Halloween craft project.

Witch Hat Template Halloween Window Decoration
Witch Hat Template
Witch Template Halloween Window Decoration
Witches Template
Spiders Template Halloween Window Decoration
Spiders Template
Pumpkin Template
Pumpkins Template
Night Sky Template Halloween Window Decoration
Night Sky Template
Fall Leaf Template Halloween Window Decoration
Fall Leaves Template
Letters Template Halloween Window Decoration
Happy Halloween Template
Graveyard Template Halloween Window Decoration
Graveyard Template
Boo Ghost Template Halloween Window Decoration
Ghosts Template
Cat Template Halloween Window Decoration
Cat Template
Candy Template Halloween Window Decoration
Halloween Candy Template
Bat Template Halloween Window Decoration
Bat Template

Window Paint Or Markers

What you need

  • Window paint or window markers
  • Stencil paper
  • Stencil brush or sponge
  • Printable stencils

If you are a great artist, you could always purchase some window paint or window markers and draw yourself a mural to create your own personal Halloween window decoration. If you need some help, you can print out some of our free Halloween Window Templates that we created for you and purchase some stencil paper from your local hobby store. Place the template under the stencil paper, cut it out and stencil the pattern onto your window. Consider painting a haunted house or a night scene with a large moon and a black cat. Or, you may want to just paint spiders crawling up the window heading toward your spider valance (as mentioned above). Get creative and see what you come up with to frighten the monsters away.

Halloween Window Posters

If you don’t feel like doing anything creative to your windows, but you still want to make them stand out, apply some Halloween Window Posters to the front of your house. These window decorations are easy to apply and come in a variety of styles – like a set of huge cat eyes, a werewolf, a big creepy face, a Mummy, Zombies, a Witch reaching out of a window and a smiling pumpkin.

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