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When you’re planning a Halloween party for kids, you want to make sure the decorations that you’re going to be using will be age-appropriate. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together some creative outdoor décor ideas for your Halloween party that should be fun for kids of all ages.

Put Some Spirit in Your Yard with These Kid-Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Before you go all-out in planning your party, here is a short list of basic Halloween decorations that will be age-appropriate for just about any age (except maybe the strobe light, that might be a little spooky for the youngins).

Most of these Halloween Party decorations can be bought in just about any Halloween store or online:

  1. Black lights
  2. Fog machine
  3. Strobe light
  4. Black streamers
  5. Fake spider webs
  6. Lots of plastic spiders
  7. Flameless candles
  8. Black flowers
  9. Fall leaves
  10. Halloween CDs

Inflatable Halloween PumpkinHalloween decorations for the yard are perhaps one of the most fun things to set up. They are the best way to transform your house from an ordinary home to a spooky Halloween Fun Zone! First off, make sure your house stands out from all the other homes on the block so your little Halloween party guests know right where to go. Start out with a big, 5-ft tall Inflatable Projection Pumpkin. This outdoor Halloween decoration projects several different images that look like they’ve been carved right into the pumpkin! This big guy is bigger and better than any regular carved pumpkin…and a lot less messy.

Inflatable SpiderOn the other side of the yard, place an over-sized 8-ft wide Inflatable Spider whose stomach lights up in a cool kaleidoscope effect. Place some large fake spider webs on the grass, in the shrubs and hanging from the trees – put them everywhere you can think of…this guy has been really busy making webs and now he needs to rest on your yard.

Witch Cauldron Witch SignIf spiders are too creepy for your Halloween party guests, sit this whimsical 5-ft tall Inflatable Cauldron and Witch under a tree or next to your porch. When plugged in, the Witch’s legs appear to kick like she’s fallen into her potion as the bright green “brew” appears to bubble. Surround her with some pumpkins, a fake black cat and hang a Witch Sign nearby to show that this is her area.

Light it Up

Pumpkin LightsIf you have lamp posts and you want to light the way to your house, transform them into a giant pumpkin by covering them with Halloween Lamp Post Covers. Simply snap a Halloween Lamp Post Cover over your lamp post and your guests are sure to find your Halloween party right away. Don’t forget the porch lights! Cover them up with a Pumpkin Light Cover – the elastic band in the back makes it easy to stretch over your existing lantern.

Halloween Walkway LightsLine your walkway or driveway with some creative Halloween bags. Just take paper bags, cut them out with a fun Halloween scene or Halloween saying and add a tea light inside the bag so the scene will shine through. For safety, use flameless tealights, which can burn for up to 12 hours on one charge. If you don’t want to make a light, stake Spider Web Tea Lights into the ground to help guide your guests to your door. If you prefer, you can use real pumpkins carved with some fun Halloween sayings to line your pathway or you can use Metal Pumpkin Luminaries that hold a light or candle.

Decorate the Trees

Haunted Halloween Bush LightsNow that your guests can see which way to walk, it’s time to spook out the bushes along your walkways. Adding some Haunted Hedge Eyes to your bushes will make it look like creepy monsters are waiting in the shrubs – waiting to pounce on unsuspecting Halloween guests that is! As someone walks by your bushes, the motion-activated Halloween Hedge Eyes light up, start growling and the bushes begin to shake. You can also throw some mesh or spider webs over the bushes so it looks like the monsters have been in there for some time.

Halloween Witch DecorationsDon’t forget the trees! You can wrap your trees with outdoor Halloween lights, some caution tape or even some mesh – it really depends on your theme. If you want to add a little humor to your decor, attach a Crashing Witch to a tree – she looks like she was trying to crash the party, but instead missed the entrance and crashed into a tree! Keep the Witch theme going by hanging some bright Orange Witch Hats from your tree branches.

Front Porch Halloween Decor

Halloween Door Decorations for KidsOnce your Halloween party guests have made it to the front of the home, strategically place a trio of little ghosts on the porch to greet them. These cute little ghosts stand a little over 2’ft tall and each has his own unique expression. Place a fog machine nearby and surround them with pumpkins and fake cobwebs. If you have space on your porch, stake some whimsical Witch feet into an urn or large flower pot. This Halloween decoration is perfect for a kid’s themed Halloween party – it looks like the poor Witch missed her mark and crash landed into your flower pot.

Halloween Decorations for KidsFor your door, you can create a wreath out of your favorite candies. Just tie the candies around a black, spray-painted wreath and add a Halloween-themed ribbon to tie it to the wreath holder. If you don’t want to use candy in your wreath, there are plenty of other Halloween decorations that you can use – check out our DIY Halloween Wreaths article for more ideas. You can also dress up your door as a mummy, cover it in spider webs or, if you’re in a rush, hang some “Caution Tape” across it. Check out our Halloween Door Decorations post for step-by-step instructions on how to decorate your door for the party. Place a Boo Halloween Doormat by the front door – its raised design helps keep moisture and grime that can be found on your little party guest’s shoes from coming into your house.

Now that you have some ideas for your kids outdoor Halloween party decorations, let’s go inside the house and see what indoor Halloween party decoration ideas we have.

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